‘Queer Eye’ Costars Antony and Jonathan Launch Pet Food Line


(Photo Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic via Getty)

Best known for his or her appearances on “Queer Eye,” Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness have launched a recent pet line called Yummers, aimed to make mealtime more delicious and nutritious. The costars also teamed up with Rebecca Frechette Rudisch, former longtime executive vp of Petco.

Pet Food Enhancements

“It’s sort of our three-way love child, but with pet products,” Van Ness told Insider Reviews. The name comes from Van Ness exclaiming “yummers” every time Porowski cooked a tasty dish on “Queer Eye.”

The road includes 14 varieties of mix-ins, or toppers, for cats and dogs. Made within the U.S. from locally sourced ingredients, the mix-ins are designed to round out and enhance pets’ meals. They should not a meal substitute.

Some recipes boost flavor with gourmet enticements. Others also support specific pet health needs, equivalent to digestion, skin and coat, heart health, hips and joints, and emotional wellbeing.

In an interview with People, Van Ness said he and Porowski had been adding mix-ins to their pets’ food for a while without realizing there was a term for it. Frechette Rudisch helped them realize the chance.

The Dogs and Cats Behind the Line

Porowski’s dog, Neon, whom he adopted in the course of the pandemic, and Van Ness’s five cats and two dogs inspired the road.

Van Ness said a few of his adopted cats have digestive issues, which inspired Yummers’ digestive support recipes. And Porowski said his high-energy Pitbull mix needs extra protein. The pair told Insider Reviews these needs should not unique. Many pets can profit from dietary supplements to support optimal health and wellbeing.

“I feel like I personally owe it to them, and we owe it to them as pet parents to offer them the best possible life possible,” Porowski told People, “The identical love that we show ourselves and our family members who’re human beings, we must always try this for our pets.”