Load Cells To Get The Right Pet The Right Food


If you have got multiple pet, chances are you’ll understand how hard it’s to inform how much each furry friend is eating. In the event you introduce prescription foods, then this minor annoyance can have a serious impact in your pet’s health. Facing this dilemma, [tomasdiazwahl] got down to make a pet feeder that feeds his pets exactly what they need after they approach the feeder.

Using the ever-popular Arduino Uno, the feeder is connected to a platform that uses load cells to detect the pet’s weight. The burden data is then used to discover which animal is searching for food. Once the pet is identified, the right food bowl opens. It seems this prototype only has one food chamber to maintain unauthorized pets from eating the special food, but the fundamental idea needs to be extensible to 2 or more chambers. While some existing solutions read the pet’s microchip or NFC collars to find out who’s on the feeder, [tomasdiazwahl] decided against these given the fickleness of attempting to reliably get a reader at the right position relative to the pet. So long as you don’t have multiple pets with the identical weight, it should work just high quality.

This project has a pleasant mixture of woodworking, 3D printing, and electronics showing what will be achieved while you aren’t afraid to combine techniques. We also really appreciate that [Tomasdiazwahl] spent the additional time to incorporate a testing procedure and safety mechanism into the project. Designing a tool to enhance your pet’s health shouldn’t include a security risk!

This isn’t the primary cat feeder we’ve covered that uses weight to inform the difference between the pets, and in case you want an easier project to begin with, try this Easy Auger Pet Feeder.