Cats and Dogs Cuddling: 9 clingy cat breeds who get together with gorgeous dogs – including Abyssinian cat breed 🐱


They’ve been worshipped for hundreds of years by their owners – and as many will attest, once you could have been in the corporate of those lovely creatures, it’s hard to grasp why anyone wouldn’t be besotted by their furry little faces and bean toes!

Reports even say that the common cat owner actually owns a minimum of two cats – though we’re sure it’s possible you’ll know some with many more.

It is alleged all cats are beautiful, and while that’s true, it’s possible you’ll be nervous introducing a latest cat to your household if a dog is already in the house. in case you are searching for a cat that can be energetic, playful and loving all at the identical time, these 10 breeds of cat could be your best bet.

So, in case you need to add a latest furry friend to your household, but wish to ensure they’ll adapt to a dog, then these breeds are reported to be the very best at mixing with canines in line with*

*While cat breeds do share similar traits, we advise each cat do have their very own personality and individual needs, which is of primary importance when taking a cat into your private home – especially when a dog or one other animal is involved. Please do check that your dog, and the cat you might be adopting, are suitable for homes with dogs.

1. Birman

The Birman cat breed likes to play, and be chased across the home specifically. They’re very calm and chilled and, with the precise introduction, are known to work well with dogs.

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2. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair breed are a really sociable breed that may often not respond with aggression, which enables them as companions which can be compatible with dogs.

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3. Norwegian Forest Cat

This massive and muscular breed get along well with dogs attributable to powerful nurturing instinct. It’s unlikely to compete for his or her owners affection.

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4. Japanese Bobtail

This sweet yet lively breed works well with dogs attributable to their ability to adapt in a short time to latest routines – corresponding to a latest pet within the household – with the proper introduction.

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