Recent Study Helps To Determine if Your Dog Will Suffer From Dementia


(Picture Credit: cmannphoto / Getty Images)

It’s no secret that, as your pup ages, the care you’ll provide for them must change. Some dogs age like a high quality wine, seeming to grow more relaxed with age. Others, unfortunately, tackle more health complications.

There are some things you possibly can prepare for. You possibly can expect your pup likely won’t wish to walk as much of their later years, for instance. But dementia often is an unexpected ailment. Nevertheless, a recent study finds revelations regarding what dogs get dementia and find out how to predict dementia in canines.

Aspects in Canine Dementia

The brand new study is a component of the Dog Aging Project, a company looking into age-related illnesses in canines and find out how to increase quality of life in older years.

Researchers found that the chance of dementia in dogs rises every 12 months after age 10. Nevertheless, age alone isn’t a determining factor. Inactive or lethargic dog participants within the study of the identical breed, health status, age, and sterilization status were nearly seven times more prone to suffer from dementia than energetic dogs.

As well as, pups with histories of neurological, eye, or ear disorders had their risk increased.

Caring for a Dog With Dementia

While a diagnosis of dementia could appear scary, it doesn’t mean that your pup has no quality of life or that your relationship has to suffer.

Sticking to a routine, asking your veterinarian about medications or supplements, and making other adjustments to your care routine can greatly increase your dog’s comfort and happiness while living with dementia. Anxiety is a symptom of dementia in dogs, but there are methods to assist manage it.

Moreover, familiarizing yourself with the signs of the onset of canine dementia can assist you in catching the condition early. Keep using those puzzle toys too, as they assist keep your pup’s brain energetic.