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BATAVIA — In case you see a stray dog, as a Le Roy resident did earlier this week, don’t go near it, the Genesee and Orleans County Health departments recommend.

Within the Le Roy instance, officials needed to issue an advisory in search of the dog’s owner so that they could determine the canine’s rabies vaccination status.

“GO Health wouldn’t recommend residents to approach any stray animal because they are sometimes scared and their rabies vaccination is unknown,” said Public Health Educator/Public Information Officer Kaitlin Pettine on Wednesday. “We’d recommend residents to contact Animal Control.”

In dog bite cases, that may raise the potential that an individual will need rabies treatment as a precaution.

How long does the Health Department wait to attempt to discover the health status of the dog before offering a victim post-exposure rabies shots?

“This will depend on where a person is bit,” Pettine said. “In the event that they were bit within the upper body/head area, we might need to offer rabies post-exposure prophylaxis as soon as possible. Post-exposure prophylaxis needs to be given inside 10 days of the rabies exposure.”

The county Health Department remains to be in search of information in regards to the location of a dog and its owner(s) following a dog bite incident at 10:30 p.m. Saturday on Lake Street in Le Roy. Someone was attempting to discover a stray dog from his backyard in order that he could contact the dog’s owner, when the dog approached the person and bit him on his right index finger.

The dog was described as an adult male, yellow Labrador with a white chest and a black collar with a tag.

It will be significant to locate the dog to find out whether it’s current on its rabies shot, the department said. If the health status just isn’t identified, post-exposure rabies shots will likely be offered to the victim.

If you could have information in regards to the location of the dog and its owner(s), contact the Genesee County Health Department at 585-344-2580 ext. 5555.

“As a rule, we’re capable of locate the owner,” Pettine said. “Nevertheless, there are instances where the dog owner just isn’t found or doesn’t come forward so we aren’t capable of determine if the dog is up-to-date on their rabies vaccination. On this case, post-exposure prophylaxis can be offered.”

Pettine said that in 2021, Genesee County investigated 217 animal bite and rabies incidents and Orleans County investigated 112.

“If the rabies vaccination status of a domestic animal is unknown, the animal is subject to a 10-day confinement,” she said. “The animal’s health and behavior are monitored for 10 days to find out if rabies could also be present and if further motion is crucial. A physician, in consultation with the health department, will determine who must be vaccinated with rabies post-exposure prophylaxis. The fee to treat a person varies considerably based on weight, variety of doses and insurance.”

In 2021, treatment costs ranged from $2,000 to $9,000, she said. Genesee-Orleans Health will work with the patient’s insurance company, but what just isn’t covered by insurance is ultimately the responsibility of the taxpayers.

Genesee County treated 22 people and Orleans County treated 13 people last yr.

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