‘Clanfolk’ Early Access update Adds Cats, Rats, Latest Scenario And More


Clanfolk is intentionally difficult and is designed to check players as winter approaches. Food will initially be plentiful and the nights warm until the seasons change and resources begin to dwindle. With procedurally generated maps, players will need to seek out the proper location to place down roots if their Clan is to thrive.

Each member of your Clan has their very own behavior traits that directly impacts how each character lives their life in your colony. Some might be afraid of the dark, meaning that bedrooms must be well lit to recuperate sleep, while others may have a high metabolism in order that they’ll eat more food but additionally work and move faster. Managing this, alongside the upkeep of your homestead, is vital to not only surviving but additionally constructing strong relations with neighboring Clans.

With fully simulated weather conditions and seasons, every day within the Scottish highlands is exclusive. As you clear the land and construct your homestead exactly how you select you’ll must juggle a fancy hierarchy of needs that governs how your Clanfolk live their lives. This can ultimately determine whether you last through the winter. Played across generations, from birth until death, Clanfolk’s depth and scope is vast, granting players complete control over their experience and the way they manage their survival.

The suspiciously titled ‘Cats and Rats’ update is the seventh since Clanfolk launched into Steam early access in July, and brings plenty of latest content, optimisations, and quality of life improvements. This update is so expansive, it needed to be delayed due to the “complexity of the cat AI” and the proven fact that rats were present in “overwhelming numbers” in earlier versions.

This update took longer than expected resulting from the complexity of the cat AI. I’m attempting to simulate Cat behaviors and make them entertaining to observe, so it has taken time as there may be loads of latest custom AI in there in addition to latest systems to handle pets and general wildlife populations. These latest systems will make the addition of later Pets and Wildlife loads easier as well.

Note: Strict skill priorities have been turned back on as default.

To show off: Settings/Gameplay/

Strict priorities mean all tasks of upper priority skills are accomplished first, but in task priority order.

Non-Strict is a combination of skill/task priority were used to find out task order.

First Off, let’s discuss RATS

The Rats were the primary to reach on the testing branch, quite early on, and in overwhelming numbers, which have been in the reduction of but will rise again in the long run.

Rats spawn whenever you cut grasses (Hay, Oats, Flax, Reeds) You might be destroying their habitat, so they’ll need to seek out a latest place to live (your pantry.) Rats won’t spawn until day 3 so no must worry until then. Rats also will spawn based in your (days of food / 2) + 1. So that you won’t see loads of rats unless you may have a big food stockpile (and even then it’s currently capped to 10) (It was once 30!)

Rats will spoil your food as they nibble and poop on it. It takes quite a number of rats to make an impact though. But when you notice your frozen dried mushrooms losing quality, its the rat poop.

Rats can even pass UNDER doors. So there isn’t a keeping them out. These are rats in spite of everything. They’re terrified of humans and can hide under various objects and disappear, but they’re still there, nibbling and pooping. When everyone leaves a room, you’ll notice them poking their noses back out to cause trouble. They may be fun to observe actually.

To cope with the Rats, there are two options: Construct the brand new Rat Traps, or… CATS!

Scottish Wildcats

Once the Rats have arrived, this can draw the eye of the Scottish Wildcat population. Unlike livestock, the Cats derive their max population based on the quantity of prey available. It’s 1 cat per 2 energetic rats.

There is just not a notification when a Wildcat arrives, but you’ll begin to notice a latest style of den appearing on the map. That is where they’ll take shelter, they usually place these dens once they find a good hunting ground. The Wildcats prefer rats, BUT they will even eat Rabbits if they can’t find Rats nearby.

The Wildcats are not looking for to be around humans, but their hunger for Rats will make them approach the Homestead and sneak inside unoccupied rooms, under doors (cats are liquid and I even have videos to prove it) After they go under a door, they even schooch down.

Because the Wildcat spends time near humans (but not too near) its tameness bar will fill. Tameness increases by 1 point per second based on every human in range (about 12 tiles) but will decrease by every human inside 4 tiles. It could possibly take an extended time to tame this fashion, but it’ll occur naturally and doesn’t must be micro managed. But there may be a faster way.

Pet bowls have also been added. When these are placed outside, the Wildcats will use them and begin to depend on the Humans increasingly. It is a much quicker option to tame, but requires food and every day maintenance.

Eventually the Cat will pick a companion and it’ll be “Their Human”

Tamed Cats

Once a Cat has grow to be Tamed, (or has been purchased from a trader) it’ll pick a companion. A Human can have many pets, but a pet can only have one (live) human.

The Tamed Cat has quite a number of more AI behaviors than the Wildcat and this list will proceed to grow. A Cat is not a Cat without zoomies, which might be coming.

Tamed cats will attempt to hunt rats first, then they’ll use pet bowls,steal meat, and eventually they’ll hunt far-off rats or bunnies to maintain themselves fed. In order that they are mostly hands off. Pet Bowls are really helpful if you must keep them away from the meat within the pantry when the rats run out.

Tamed Cats even have an Instinct Bar. Cats do not only hunt when hungry. Additionally they hunt for entertainment. This Instinct bar is emptied because the Cat encounters Rats in its territory. The more rats, the faster the bar drains. Eventually the Cat might be unable to withstand and can go hunting once more, slowly stalking its prey, hunching down, after which pouncing. (That is fun to observe as you never know if the rat will get away or the cat will succeed.)

For the reason that Cat is just not hungry when it hunts to refill the Instinct bar, that’s where “presents” are available. The Cat can grow to be a good Rat/Bunny retriever because it makes kills and delivers them to its Cat Bed or Companion’s Bed and even the Companion’s grave in some cases.

Cats are also social, but not too social. So in the event that they detect their Human is in social distress, they’ll interact with them, but only a bit. If a Human really needs to speak, they may additionally discover a pet Cat to talk over with, however the Cat will only put up with this 5 times a day.

I’ll proceed to work on the Cats, but immediately they’re definitely far enough along to be an amazing addition to Clanfolk.

Final note: If a pet dies of natural causes, it could be buried in a pleasant pet grave, but when you slaughter it, then it’s food.

Latest Scenario: The Hermit

On Discord there may be a highly regarded “Hermit Challenge.” I figured what higher combination for the Hermit than an entire clowder of cats. It is a very difficult mode and can take loads of planning, but it surely is an amazing option to get Cats early on and the one option to start with kittens.

Bloodlines, Marry Off / Remarry

I even have began to track the Clan bloodline now. This may occasionally eventually be used to find out the Clan Chief as more 12 months 2+ content comes online. For now though it’s used to maintain the Family Tree logically intact.

So the foundations are that anyone and not using a parent on the tree (the initial members) or and not using a partner might be of the Clan’s bloodline. The partner who’s from the Clan’s bloodline can be all the time on the left side of the pair. Clan members with children cannot leave the Clan since that will prune a big a part of the tree.

Ever desired to do away with some dead weight? Now you may Marry them Off!

When a employee wants to affix the Clan, now you may either have them stay, OR have their potential partner leave with them. This helps keep the population under control, and in addition gives a hefty relationship bonus from the Employee’s Clan.

When a partner dies, they can even now Remarry.

When the dead partner is of the Clan bloodline, then the brand new partner will take the old partner’s place within the family tree (it’s unceremonious and I’ll make this higher)

When the dead partner was NOT of the Clan bloodline, they’ll remarry and leave in the event that they wouldn’t have children, but in the event that they do have children they’re stuck with the Clan. That is all to maintain the lineage intact.

More Optimization

There have been much more system optimizations this update to realize CPU overhead and smooth out stuttering.

Large homesteads should run even higher now and be loads smoother once they do. My test case is an 80 person homestead (Please try to remain under 40, but it is a stress test) and it runs rather well now, whereas in Update 6 it stuttered often, and in Update 5 was a slideshow.

All Update 7 Change logs


  • Fixed (possibly) male pregnancy. I used to be unable to breed this bug, but added some code to make it more unattainable than before.
  • Fixed Baby stuck in door juggle brought on by baby in a locked door when picked up.
  • +1 fun thing to find for yourself (It was Rats)


  • Cut the rat spawning down until Cats are ready.
  • Max Rats now 5 (was 30)
  • Rats won’t appear until day 3
  • Fixed Rats eating bowls together with their contents.
  • Rats appear when any grass of reeds are cut (10% likelihood)
  • Rats can move and conceal under objects
  • Rats add a small amount of spoilage to items/storages on the tile where they eat
  • Rats add “RatFilth” within the areas where they eat. It’s ugly, and will spread disease later.
  • Rats are most energetic at night and can only eat through the day if ravenous
  • Cats have been within the works all weekend. Keep a watch out for his or her arrival in subsequent versions.


  • Fixed Traders bringing cats by accident
  • Upgraded Entity ID system to repair possible collision in ID’s if a game was began latest after loading one other game.
  • Fixed dead bodies that had rotted appearing as naked grey zombies with yellow hair
  • Probable fix for sometimes family trees getting broken resulting from rotten bodies.
  • Wildlife Spawner added. This can allow Wildlife to come back to the map when certain criteria are met
  • Cat and Rat door indicators coloured gold appropriately because they go under doors (don’t need keys)
  • No birth announcements for wild animals
  • All Clans will wish to buy Tamed Cats.
  • Added Callout when animals tamed
  • Baby animals will inherit wild/tame from mother.
  • Baby Humans and Pets don’t break room privacy
  • Tamed Wildcat is taken into account a Pet
  • Wild animals only breed with there is just not overpopulation vs prey
  • Wild animals that usually are not classed as vermin(rats) will try to not wander around indoors.
  • Taming currently semi works. Proximity to humans will acclimatize the cats to people and they’ll gain tameness over time. BUT if people get too close, the cats will lose tameness as they flee. You must not must micro manage this, and there may be a food bowl coming soon that will even help with this. The act of catching rats must be enough to tame the cats over the course of a number of days (theoretically)
  • Cats are about 50% done, but resulting from the sooner cat leakage, I made a decision to push this cat upgrade incrementally to enhance the sport for many who have already got cats within the testing branch. This also helps me with testing too.


  • Fixed bug caused from the addition of the Tameness attribute that would cause some units to pause out permanently
  • Found but thus far cannot fix issue where when you alt-tab while loading a world, AND your chosen resolution is just not similar to your desktop resolution it’ll cause the cursor to be offset. Will add this to the FAQ so we at the very least know what causes it and the way to avoid.
  • Added a pounce and stun mechanic to the cat’s attacks making them way more effective in catching the sneaky rats.
  • When cats go into stalking mode, they crouch down now while they sneak up.
  • When Buying and Selling animals, it’ll show their names to make them less difficult to discover (when you named them)
  • Fixed Traders buying Wild Cats.
  • Possible fix for Cats getting stuck not eating or drinking (I am unable to reproduce this one, when you do please let me know)
  • Fixed Wild Cats Ravenous/Thirsting to death (They’ll eventually leave when food runs out in the long run)
  • Fixed Wild Cats stealing food just like the rats (that’s what the rats are for) Tame cats will eat human food though.
  • Cat spawning is now triggered based on Rat population and never rabbits. This can keep the cat population in step with the rat population
  • Cat pregnancy 9->12 days
  • Cats max births from 4 -> 3 (likelihood of every next kitten after the primary one is currently 40%)
  • Cats won’t spawn until Day 3 just like the Rats
  • 1 Cat is all the time allowed to spawn, even when there aren’t any Rats.
  • Wild Cats will still eat Rabbits, but they much prefer Rats and the Cat population might be lower now.
  • Cats are much less more likely to go into the lake to seek out drinking water. They need to re-evaluate and find shoreline way more quickly now.
  • Tamed Cats won’t go after Rabbits and like Rats and Human Food
  • Tamed Cats will stop breeding once there is simply too much over population. Tames allow for more overpopulation than wild cats do
  • Forest and Plains Clans will Supply Tamed Cats, Mountain and Coastal will want Tamed Cats
  • Tamed Cat base price increased from 80->120 and rarity increased from Normal to High (you will note them less often)
  • Wild and Tamed Cats can eat snow in winter as a final resort for water
  • Wild Cats/Rabbits will prefer to not make dens near human areas – checks vs beds, doors, and to find out if an area has human smell
  • Baby Humans prevent Private Room again. I didn’t realize they were getting used as Birth Control 🙂
  • Latest Human Avoidance System: Rabbits and Wild Cats will wish to avoid areas with Humans and can wander to areas without humans/structures in the event that they get too near their territory.


  • Reordered the Cat AI to make them survive higher
  • Tamed Cats are allowed to Hunt Rabbits again if no Food is obtainable
  • Wild Cats will keep their dens further apart and would require more grass in the world to find out if a den is in a superb spot


  • Added Cat Beds!
  • Slowed down animals wandering to get away from humans in order that they don’t kite the humans hunting them a lot
  • Upgraded Chaining tasks to override the working hours logic so bunnies don’t get dropped when sunset happens
  • Applied sunset override to constructing/crafting tasks such that if items have been picked up, the job is allowed to complete
  • Also applied sunset override to hauling tasks such that if the haulable item is in the employees hands, the job will finish and never be aborted.
  • Added latest handling code to the unit’s AI brains such that in the event that they encounter a significant bug, they’ll not get permanently get locked down.
  • Fixed case where Boosting priority on fire fighting could cause brain lockdowns
  • Fixed issue with haul task that would sometimes cause a task paradox that spammed the log/temporarily blocked task rethinking
  • 12x Sleep Speed is now also allowed when units from other Clans are leaving but all of the Clanfolk are sleeping.


  • Fixed Smithy, Meat Smoker, and Kiln having a low burn speed and catching on fire in rare cases
  • Cats now have an Instinct attribute. The less full the bar the less satisfied their urge to kill has grow to be. The more prey items within the local vicinity, the faster this bar depleted and the cat goes on the hunt.
  • Added instinct hunting. Cats will prefer rats which can be close by, but when their instinct bar gets low, they’ll look farther away and can hunt rabbits as well. This implies Cats will kill greater than they should eat (for fun)
  • Units will now track their last bed. This provides cats a spot to stash “presents” for his or her favorites.
  • Pets can select a Companion. This might be “My Human” and the Pet will prefer that person.
  • Small units and Pets won’t break room privacy. So no pigs or cows in private rooms, but rats and cats are okay.
  • When cats are hunting by instinct, they’ll attempt to bring the kill home to their bed or their companion’s bed (note the kill can’t be directly on the bed resulting from the rule that items can’t be on top of objects. So the kill we be dropped on the ground nearby.
  • Fixed cats becoming invisible if their den is destroyed while they’re inside
  • Cats won’t be satisfied hunting/eating already dead animals for Instinct/Normal Hunger.
  • If Cats really feel the necessity to hunt, they’ll abort searching for shelter and hunt. Sometimes they only must murder things.
  • If a Cat is ravenous and there isn’t a food to hunt nearby, and there isn’t a prey, they might be willing to scavenge dead animals as a final resort.
  • Cats won’t stalk dead prey. They only walk right up.
  • Cats will sometimes bring presents to their previous owner’s grave.
  • The brand new Instinct Attribute + the Tamed Retrieve (Present Hauling) signifies that players can harness their pet cat’s instincts for pest control in addition to rabbit hunting and delivery.
  • Note, cats pick their companion when tamed, but will even try each morning if needed.


  • Fixed issue where a unit could get stuck attempting to haul a body to a grave that it couldn’t get to.
  • Optimized Fire Places in order that they don’t calculate their global heating per frame. (CPU savings)
  • Reworked some code that was producing garbage unexpectedly. HashSet.UnionWith surprisingly. (CPU savings)
  • Reworked some game object ID’s that I discovered generating garbage (CPU savings)
  • Moved the Affliction updater to a time sliced manager in order that they usually are not all updated for each entity per frame (CPU savings)
  • Above provides a further 15% CPU headroom on very large homesteads. May have less effect on more reasonable sized ones, but there might be some improvement there too
  • Modified Construct/Crafting task ending at Sunset to only proceed if the duty was chained from one other. Was seeing an excessive amount of starvation brought on by this.
  • Fixed case where if a baby dies before it was half option to juvenile, that it will prevent future pregnancies without end resulting from it being detected in that state without end. Will add a mourning affliction later for cases like this.
  • I now track the Clan bloodline. Eventually this might be used to find out if the bloodline has died out and in addition for selecting a Chief.
  • If a Clan member has children, they can’t leave the Clan. It makes an excessive amount of of a multitude of the family tree.
  • Remarriage is now possible for members of the Clan bloodline if their partner dies. This keeps the family tree intact.
  • Non bloodline Clan members can even remarry but they need to leave the Clan to accomplish that. (also no kids rule still applies)
  • It’s also now possible to “Marry Off” units of the Clan bloodline to other clans. (Dead weight must be nervous now)
  • There’s a big fame bonus for marrying off a Clan member (+200)
  • There’s a small fame bonus for marrying a latest person into the Clan. (+50)
  • Base price for Tamed Cats is now 150 Coin (Was 120)
  • Tamed Cats are possible starting animals now!


  • Fix/Workaround for a difficulty where a Fertilizer bag could get set to count 0 after which cause some AI lockdowns.
  • Upgraded Roof blueprint system so the roof tiles that currently have support and may be built might be more visible than those without support yet.
  • Upgraded Roof blueprint system in order that stopped tiles are considered when doing the support checks for the support viewer.
  • Fixed case where it was possible for a employee to get stuck with the manure basket when the poop was just out of range they usually were done following their path because there was a wall in the way in which.
  • Fixed case where if a Clanfolk was at 0 warmth, and the goal bed was in a room < 0c AND the unit was in a doorway it could cause some AI indecision because the bed was seen as viable and non viable because the unit modified zones (that is the up/down bug in doorways when people freezing and drained)
  • Note: Units won’t sleep in beds in rooms < 0c
  • Fixed Hauling/Till Soil indecision when Hauling is a better priority task than farming and there may be nothing to haul however the hoe that’s currently carried
  • Tilled soil now chains like add water and add fertilizer.
  • Fixed Water/Fertilizer Chaining in order that the Clanfolk with stick with one or the opposite and never alternate when chaining tasks (prevent pointless walking)
  • Planting tasks will even chain now.
  • Removed ownership from Hay Trough, Grain Trough, Water Trough since it was causing livestock to not use them
  • Pets won’t disturb sleep. (Rats running around will though)
  • Turned off rabbits fleeing from dead rabbits for now. It result in some bad cases.


  • Fixed wild cats animals showing up within the player’s trade count for men and women
  • Fixed blueprints showing Flammability None when it should show the flammability of the thing once it’s built.
  • Modified default priority for DrinkZone and Well from 5 to eight to make water jug filling occur sooner
  • If a Cat dies of old age or starvation, it’ll be marked as a pet and won’t be sent to the butcher block. Was too horrifying.
  • If a Cat is marked for slaughter, it’ll stop being a pet and might be butchered as normal (in case of emergency)
  • Added Pet Graves. These might be auto assigned like normal graves


  • Fixed case where if a baby was in a doorway, sometimes the duty to assist them would get cancelled. (Was also true of patients in doorways)
  • Fixed Cats in Pants
  • Fixed Death announcements showing on wild cats
  • Fixed Traders spawning with animals with very low care and health.
  • Livestock is now Auto Sorted by Type, Sex, and Age.
  • Fixed button toppers within the unit selection menu updating appropriately on the Livestock as they’re bought and sold
  • Added Pet Bowls. They take raw meat/fish and water to fill and are way more efficient than having the Cats raid the cabinets when they can’t find rats
  • If pet bowls are placed outside, they’ll attract wild cats (if there aren’t any rats/bunnies to hunt nearby) When the wild cat eats out of the pet bowl, it’ll gain extra tameness


  • Fixed Meat Rack and Serving Basket taking a few of the flawed ingredients resulting from v0.267
  • Fixed case were sometimes Clanfolk could be so focused on their job that they’d poop themselves.
  • Added latest style of “Normal” task chaining that won’t override attribute checks before the following chained job is picked. This can allow people to deal with critical attributes/boosts. Cases of this are Constructing, clearing tiles, and collecting poop. Other tasks like hauling bunnies back to the butcher block use priority chaining and won’t be overridden by attribute needs (unit is heading home anyway so no must override).
  • This could result in fewer cases of units getting latched onto long run jobs like clearing a field even into sunset.
  • Fixed babies not having the ability to follow parent inside houses when wandering. It only was working properly outside.
  • Added “Animal Companion” task where Pets will sense their Human’s social is low and loaf around attempting to cheer them up
  • Added “Loving Pet” affliction where contact with a pet will increase Social, Fun, and Mood.
  • Fixed case where people in Time Off mode could get stuck playing the flute without end
  • Clanfolk can now talk over with pets to boost their social bars!
  • Cats will only be receptive to being talked to once they detect that their Companion is lonely (0.25 Social attribute) They will even stop wanting to listen or interact with the Companion when their Social attribute is above (0.5) They care, just not that much…
  • Cats will only put up with being talked to five times a day. After that, they’ve enough, and their Companion might want to wonderful love elsewhere.


  • Fixed rats using bunny holes as a warp gate network once they were hiding
  • Fixed traders not showing details for inventory items of their inventory in the event that they were still locked for the player
  • Fixed Cat Tamed Callouts re-triggering from use of the pet bowl
  • Increased Cat’s lifespan from 2->3 in game years. Feel more like companions in the event that they survive a bit longer.
  • Cat pregnancy time increased from 12->15 days
  • Fix for large red exclamation point when an object that takes multiple crafting ingredients has no feed options (like a hay trough with no available hay)
  • Fixed “Hauling Ballet” When a full high priority Storage object had one item removed, after which everyone available tried to refill that slot at the identical time.
  • All hauling reservations are actually set earlier in the duty logic so there must be little to no hauling overlap between units.
  • Added concept of multiple reservation to container objects, in order that so long as there may be space, multiple slots in a container may be filled directly.
  • Added some safety code to stop Married Off Clanfolk from disappearing in the midst of the map as an alternative of the sting, but I even have not been capable of reproduce this.
  • Added system to maintain track of Clan members once they leave a Clan for a latest one. This permits relationship data to remain intact even when the character is de-spawned.
  • When Clan Members are Married Off they not disappear from the Family Tree and as an alternative get graphic showing what Clan they married into and who they married.
  • Parents are actually capable of retain their married off kid’s names of their child lists when their selection panel is energetic.


  • Fixed livestock being added to the family tree once they were sold.
  • Added Leather Pants
  • Added Wool Shirt


  • Added Medical Treatment task indicator for when Clanfolk attempt to deal with their afflictions themselves. The duty was showing up blank and looking out like an error.
  • Fixed case when Clanfolk leave the map that was causing a latest task evaluation after their deletion, this caused some nasty bugs. (introduced in V0.269)
  • Fixed Family tree getting filled up with entries when Traders/Staff/Guests Spawned.


  • Updated Hungarian
  • Updated Simplified Chinese
  • Updated Traditional Chinese
  • Language selection is now saved
  • Humans can now “Eat Snow” at Lakes in Winter like animals, but it surely they’ll only do that when dehydrated and when their health is < 70% as a final resort to remain alive. This will even cool them down quickly.
  • Added Low Profile Rat Traps that may be rotated and sit next to partitions (The Snare hallways were getting ugly) These will only catch Rats, not Bunnies
  • Snares now only catch Bunnies again.
  • Upgraded Localization system to raised support languages where words have associated genders.


  • Fixed Hauling issue introduced in v0.269 where nearby items to the carried haul items weren’t also being carried back to stockpiles
  • Updated French
  • Set Rat traps to not unlock until Day 3 (Since no Rats before day 3)
  • Fixed Clan Setup Menu Custom games not working the primary time resulting from Localization Upgrade for gender support in languages.


  • Made Milk less desirable for eating/drinking so it’s more more likely to be left alone for Cheese
  • Updated Hungarian
  • Updated German
  • Fixed bug stopping high priority builds from being serviced when there have been not enough resources. When priority has been raised, units are allowed to deliver resources to those builds in order that other inexpensive builds don’t prevent more complex but higher priority ones from completing.
  • Fixed Vents which can be open on 3 sides only venting within the two visible directions across from one another. Could sometimes cause heat leakage when not constructing full partitions to surround the vents on two sides.
  • Applied Vent fix to doors and windows so they’ll only transmit light or units in the specified direction.
  • Made Recluse Affliction less nasty. When Isolated happens (social reaches 0) There’s a 25% likelihood of recluse happening (Leave Me Alone) Lowered duration from 1200 to 600 seconds, and Mood Penalty from -3000 to -1500
  • Added concept of Human Privacy vs Animal Privacy. So for pregnancy checks and public pooping checks, only humans within the room count.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese


  • When highly zoomed in, it’s now possible to view off the sting of the map so items usually are not covered by the interface.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese
  • Updated Traditional Chinese
  • Made “Died of Old Age” listed as reason for Death when lower than 10% life bar left because the death resulting from hunger or thirst might be since the health bar is so short on the very end of life.
  • Added a check/fix for cases where an object gets locked in InUse state (seen with Bathtubs, but couldn’t reproduce why)
  • Fixed case where Dead Bodies in Graves could cause logic lockdowns when Wild Cats checked for Taming.
  • Fixed case where Doctors were checking people in graves as viable patients, sometimes causing task lockdowns
  • Fixed case where when cleansing at Sunset when units had no attribute bars that needed filling, they’d walk to something to wash after which just nope out and go to bed as an alternative. I mean yes I feel that way sometimes too 🙂
  • Fixed issue that prevented Cats from using PetBowls/Water Troughs/Meat Theft at night


  • Fixed Constructing tasks that use tiles (partitions, roofs, floors) and in addition use tools, and ALSO where hauling is a better priority than constructing AND there may be nothing left to haul such that 1 tile is just not built at a time after which the tool is taken back to the rack on repeat
  • Major performance upgrade to the trail finding system that may now cache path data. Removes an amazing deal of stuttering for giant homesteads!
  • Updated Japanese
  • Turned off Ownership for Cat beds until it is feasible to assign ownership to Pets.
  • Updated Cat naming with Tomcat and Molly (Male/Female)
  • Wild Cats and Bunnies won’t make Dens on Tilled Soil (or dig through any floors)
  • Added “Hermit” Scenario. Start alone other than 2 cats and 4 kittens
  • Fixed duplicate sell text when selling animals within the Clan Setup menu


  • Removed path finding optimization. Turning it off for now while I find the error. 🙁


  • Modified Adult female cat from Molly to Queen
  • Fixed the trail finding optimization, Nursing Babies were causing task indecision with the cached path data since in that case they can go through doors to get to their mother.


  • Strict Skill Priorities Defaulted back to ON. All tasks of upper skill priority are accomplished before any tasks of lower skill priority. This works a lot better long run because the homestead grows. This may be toggled OFF in Settings/Gameplay and priority might be a combination of skill priority and task priority. Non Strict works well for 12 months one with few people, but in later years becomes a headache to assign roles to people.
  • Updated Spanish

Next Top Priorities

  • Getting Hunters to Haul Bunnies once they are cold [DONE Update 2]
  • Stopping personal needs from breaking chained tasks [DONE Update 2]
  • Keeping fires lit overnight [DONE Update 3]
  • Automating burying family members [DONE Update 4]
  • Fixing bed owners stealing unclaimed beds, blocking them [DONE Update 4]
  • Wells duplicating water jugs one way or the other [DONE Update 4]
  • Upgrading the Boost System to also read skill ordering for decision making [DONE Update 5]
  • Any and all cases of a movement stuck problem causing starvation [DONE Update 5]
  • Performance upgrades for very large homesteads 40+ Clanfolk 100+ Livestock [DONE Update 6]
  • Carrying Tools back home higher [DONE Update 7]
  • Cats and Rats [DONE Update 7]
  • System to make large task counts and over boosting less attractive to latest players
  • Tutorial system upgrades for Fall/Winter to assist with preparation
  • Higher explanation of the priorities system to lower frustration