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iPET Network, an Awarding Organisation that creates qualifications within the Animal Care and Veterinary Science sector, has created a bespoke and exclusive dog grooming qualification the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Skilled Dog Grooming (Exclusive to Pets at Home) in partnership with Pets at Home.

The bespoke qualification, which is regulated by Ofqual, has been launched to assist ensure The Groom Room teams in Pets at Home’s pet care centres across the country proceed to offer the best grooming and welfare for puppies and dogs.

Created especially for The Groom Room colleagues, and constructing on the in-depth training Pets at Home already offers, the improved programme and qualification gives teams additional skills to offer top-quality grooming services.

As a part of the programme, there are 12 units that colleagues might want to learn and display their skills to finish this comprehensive qualification. The units include:

  • 354 – Health and safety in a Dog Grooming Environment
  • 355 – Customer Journey inside the Pets at Home Ecosystem
  • 356 – Canine Emergency First Aid
  • 357 – Canine Care, Health and Welfare Inside the Grooming Environment
  • 358 – Preparing Dogs for Styling, Equipment and Maintenance
  • 359 – Canine Behaviour and Handling for Groomers
  • 360 – Planning and Techniques for Completing a Range of Dog Grooming Styles
  • 361 – Style and Finish and Range of Dog Breeds for Industrial Styling
  • 362 –  Style and Finish and Range of Dog Breeds for Traditional and Advanced Scissor Styling
  • 363 – Canine Anatomy and Physiology for Groomers
  • 364 – Adapting the Grooming Process to Meet the Individual Needs of the Dog
  • 365 – Successful Running of a The Groom Room Salon

The announcement is a component of an ongoing commitment from each Pets at Home and iPET Network to boost awareness of the importance of skilled dog grooming, so that every one pet owners can be certain their pet is getting the perfect and safest experience.

iPET Network, which was founded by education and pet professionals Sarah Mackay and Fern Gresty has long been on the forefront of championing pet care industries, and ensuring that as many individuals who work in them have high-quality industry-recognised skills and qualifications.

Sarah and Fern said: “We all the time find that owners are surprised to learn that formal qualifications, including first aid training, aren’t a legal requirement for dog groomers.

“That’s why it’s great to see the UK’s largest pet care specialist taking motion to boost awareness and drive real change across the industry to deliver the best standard of practice and take care of pets.

“We’re delighted to have partnered with Pets at Home and The Groom Room on this initiative, which can be sure that more groomers than ever before receive high-quality qualification. A step which is fabulous for the entire industry.”

The Groom Room colleagues currently profit from an intensive six-month internal training programme, a minimum of 1,000 hours of learning, and are continually assessed throughout their profession.

The primary 400 colleagues will probably be enrolled into the programme in September, with a whole bunch more planned over the following two years across its 355 Groom Room salons.

Karl Atkinson, Head of Grooming at Pets at Home, said: “Grooming is a necessary a part of our pets’ health and welfare, and that’s why providing our colleagues with the best training is so necessary to us.

“We’re proud to be leading the way in which and empowering our grooming teams with the perfect knowledge within the industry, ensuring we will proceed to deliver the perfect possible care to each pet we meet.”

iPET Network has created a comprehensive guide to becoming a dog groomer, which will be viewed at www.ipetnetwork.co.uk/guides/a-guide-to-becoming-a-dog-groomer/

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