Redditor Claims He Spent Nearly Rs 4 Lakh On Dog’s Teeth Cleansing, Post Viral


The person spent $5,000 (Rs 3.9 lakh) on cleansing the teeth of his pet dog. (Representational Photo)

Having a pet is a full-time job. The owners not only should maintaing their routine, but in addition maintain their health. Along with all this, the owners also should take care of their food habits, hygiene, and other medical needs. But any unusual expense incurred in a medical procedure for a pet at all times draws attention. Like a Reddit user, who claims he spent $5,000 (Rs 3.9 lakh) on cleansing the teeth of their pet dog.

The Reddit user, One Million Miles, shared the post 4 days ago in sub-Reddit r/dogs about his pet dog’s teeth cleansing procedure.

In line with the post, when the vet sedated the dog, it lost color so the doctor needed to stop the procedure in between. The dog then went through several tests since the veterinarian desired to know if it was in adequate health to undergo one other procedure. Blood tests and heart checks were amongst these examinations.

The doctor gave the person a green signal and suggested him to get to a close-by expert to do the procedure. The expert performed an X-ray of the dog’s mouth and suggested the user to get few of its teeth extracted, to remove a growth and go for a biopsy to be certain it just isn’t cancerous.

The person said your complete procedure cost him $5,000. The Redditor also said that his family never took their pet dogs to a vet because they lacked enough money and his wife’s parents didn’t do the identical because they already had a vet in his family.

The user, who lives within the Midwest region of the USA, thought it was a little bit different since the veterinarian he took his dog to was a farm vet. They didn’t do the sort of things the person’s family was willing to do for his or her pet.

“We are only attempting to do what’s best for our dog and fortunately we’ve got the means to afford this type of work (this continues to be substantial money to us). Nonetheless, it does make me query our decision when someone tells me we just wasted $5,000 and that they never take their dogs to the vet they usually have at all times been positive,” the user wrote.

The post drew a variety of attention with fellow Redditors who discussed if the pricing was steep.

“You do what you wish to your dog. I spent 5k for a broken leg on my greyhound years ago. People thought I used to be insane,” commented a user.

“The tests you’re describing are expensive for a lot of reasons, but they’re price it IMO,” said one other.