Cats, Dogs, and A Rooster Able to Be Adopted as Pets


Let’s take a page out of Prince Harry and Meghan’s book by adopting a homeless animal in need of their eternally palace. Are you able to give one (or more) of those cuties the royal treatment they deserve? 

Available for adoption through Bobbi & the Strays

Amber and Tyler

**Double Adoption and Senior Alert** There are numerous wonderful ways to explain this bonded pair of siblings…deliciously sweet, playful, loyal, protective, intelligent, loving, and mild are only just a few. 

Tyler and Amber were reluctantly surrendered to the rescue by their owner and at the moment are in quest of a eternally home together. They are going to absolutely fill your private home with joy and laughter! Tyler is an actual cuddle bug who truly enjoys being hugged and kissed by his people. He’ll patiently wait until you’ve stopped loving him even after he’s had his fill. His sweet soul will shine through after one look into his gentle eyes. Tyler enjoys fidgeting with his sister and chasing her within the yard. He plays nicely with children, too. He enjoys his naps after lengthy playtimes.

Amber is a princess in every sense of the word! She loves being pampered and massaged. She’ll let you already know that she wants some petting by nudging your hand. She loves bath time and considers it her personal spa time! Amber is a sweet and sassy girl who looks and acts more like a puppy. This quirky girl will perform so that you can get more attention. She’s a sensible and funny pup who will melt your heart!

Each Tyler and Amber are 11-year-old Shar Pei/German Shepherd mixes who’re heart worm free, up thus far on vaccinations, neutered/spayed, and microchipped. In case you would love to satisfy this dynamic duo, please download an adoption application and email the finished form to [email protected]. Kindly take into account that adoptions are local only (NYC area and Long Island). 

**Special Request from the Smithtown Animal Shelter**

Prince CharlesPrince Charles

Prince Charles is a handsome rooster who was found wandering as a stray and never claimed. When he was first found, he was emaciated, quiet, and was going through a stress molt. With somewhat little bit of time and a few food in his belly, he has now grown much happier and healthier, and he enjoys crowing the day away. Prince Charles has been through rather a lot in his life, and he’s ready for a house to call his own with a flock to spend time with.

The Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter is just not equipped to soundly house animals aside from dogs and cats long run. Nevertheless, if an animal is at risk and wishes housing temporarily until one other rescue has room, they may do their best to supply protected shelter while they’ll. While the animal waits for space to open in one other rescue, it’s going to be available for adoption through the Adoption Center. Call 631-360-7575 for more information.

Available for adoption through Tender Loving Cats


Meet Thyme! This sweet and spicy lady was born in April 2021 and she or he’s truly a sweet and mild cat just waiting for her purrfect match where she will be loved unconditionally. Thyme is able to play and give you the chance to window watch birds in her recent home. Is it with you? To adopt Thyme, complete an adoption application here:

Available for adoption through North Shore Animal League America


Wow! Could 4-month-old Guatita (Adoption #PR00116) inform you a story about how she got here to be your lap buddy! This vivacious vixen traveled all the way in which from Puerto Rico to share her tale (and tail), and she or he thinks the trip was greater than value it since it led her to you. You possibly can make Gatita’s day purrfect by selecting her, and she or he’ll reward you with a lifetime of happiness. By the way in which, she’s purrfection!

Rocky SylvesterRocky Sylvester

A great Samaritan realized 1-year-old Rocky Sylvester (Adoption #H211540) was a friend in need and rushed him, injured, to Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers with injuries. Along with the medical attention he received, time has been a priceless tool in his recovery, and where he was once sensitive to human handling, he now craves gentle affection. Now healing, Rocky would thrive in your quiet home (with children over age 6) where he can receive all of the gentleness this survivor deserves to assist get him back on his paws and lead a protected and loving life, eternally more indoors.

Patty and RogerPatty and Roger

**Double Adoption** 4-month-olds Roger (Adoption #H211395) and his shy sister Patty (Adoption #H211394) were rescued locally and offered a snug place to attend until a loving family discovers them. Roger’s bravado is having an impact on Patty who watches his every move after which tries to repeat him. Animal League America could be very pleased with the progress she’s already made, they usually anticipate a vibrant future once they find their first family (with children over age 6) to spoil them. Are you able to love this duo as they learn the way wonderful life is as beloved pets.

Agate and RippleAgate and Ripple

**Double Adoption** When surviving the recent city streets is all you’ve known, getting used to the comfort of indoor living generally is a challenge. Fortunately for four-month-olds Agate (Adoption #H211558) and her brother Ripple (Adoption #H211559), their rescuer delivered them within the safest place possible. With a team of fans cheering them on, they’re able to learn a recent lifestyle. A family (with children above age 10) prepared to supply them consistency in a stable household goes to reap the advantages of adopting these two shy kittens. With just somewhat time and plenty of love, Agate and Ripple might be purring their gratitude for the chance to live an unusual life with their extraordinary heroes! Within the mood to be these siblings’ savior?


Tiny 5-month-old Truffle (Adoption #H211570) has plenty of concerns for such somewhat morsel! He needn’t worry. His scary street life days are a distant memory; only happiness awaits him. A quiet home life is what’s in store, with adoring adults and patient children (6 years old and up) able to ease Truffle into his first real home. Plus, Animal League America has noticed Truffle benefiting from a cat companion to indicate him the ropes. That type of devotion and consistency, and possibly a feline companion waiting at home, are all that’s needed to nurture him into believing he’s finally where he’s meant to be!

As all the time, thanks for reading and please remember to all the time adopt, never shop…pass it on!