Dogs with Different Levels of Health: Listed below are the ten breeds of lovable dog prone to need least and costliest vet visits – from the Pug to the Beagle 🐕


Loads of us decided to welcome latest four-legged friends into our homes within the last couple of years – in accordance with Kennel Club figures dog ownership soared by nearly eight percent – and post-lockdown demand for puppies stays high.

There are a whopping 221 different breeds of pedigree dog to select from, alongside quite a few crossbreeds, so there’s loads of pondering to do before you choose your loved ones’s latest addition.

There’s even academic guidance to hunt down, with Psychologist Stanley Coren’s book ‘The Intelligence of Dogs’ rating breeds by instincts, obedience, and the flexibility to adapt.

One thing price considering before making a call is that some breeds have an extended list of health conditions they’re liable to suffering, often necessitating trips to the vet, while others are prone to need little greater than their regular jabs and check-ups.

So, listed below are the ten healthiest and most sickly breeds of dog.

1. Australian Cattle Dog

They might not be hugely common within the UK however the Australian Cattle Dog can perhaps lay claim to the title of the healthiest dog breed. The Guiness Book of Records includes it because the world’s oldest dog – an Australian Cattle Dog called Bluey reached the amazing age of 29. While longevity and health don’t all the time go hand-in-hand, the breed are known to remain fairly fit.

Photo: Canva/Getty Images

2. Beagle

Developed primarily for hunting, the Beagle is now a well-liked pet with a keen sense of smell. The breed tends to remain healthy, with eye and hip problems only developing in later life.

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3. Greyhound

Fast, lazy and healthy are the three dominant traits of Greyhounds. The overall rule is the larger the greyhound, the more likely they’re to develop muskoskeletal conditions, but normally they stay in tip-top condition.

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4. Poodle

All three sizes of poodle – Standard, Miniature and Toy – are inclined to stay in good health, with lifespans of as much as 18 years, and joint and eye issues only tending to affect older dogs.

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