Revealed: How Many Of Us Spend More On Our Pet’s Health Than Our Own


Kiwis’ love for his or her pets is revealed in Canstar’s
latest research, which shows that a 3rd of us spend more
on our pet’s health than our own. One in five also has
dental cover for his or her furry friend.

Our dedication
doesn’t stop there – a 3rd of us also say we’d
consider going into debt to pay for any treatment required
for our pet.

We’re a nation who dotes on our
animals, and meaning our selection of pet insurer is
necessary. Today, we’re proud to disclose the winner of our
Most Satisfied Customers award for Pet Insurance is PD

The insurance provider, which has partner
brands internationally, won 5-star rankings from its
customers for key Drivers of Satisfaction, including overall
satisfaction, value for money, customer support and

Jose George, Canstar Recent Zealand
General Manager, said PD’s customers emphatically endorsed
the brand. “Kiwis are very keen on their furry family
members and wish to know their pets will probably be well cared for
in case of an accident or illness. PD’s high rankings
across value, service and communication show its customers
feel their pets will probably be in good hands should something go

“PD is a relative newcomer to the Recent Zealand
market and its success to this point is a testament to its
customer care. Congratulations to the team.”

NZ Chief Operating Officer Michelle Le Long said, “We’re
really proud to be recognised in this manner by our members and
delighted that our products and customer care is either
meeting or exceeding their expectations.

“That PD
Insurance has surpassed our well-established competitors in
this manner affirms that our strong customer commitment over
the past two years is making fans of our

“We’re delighted to have won such a
outstanding award from Canstar, an organization whose advice is so
well-respected by Recent Zealanders.”

The research also
showed how confident Kiwis are with their pet insurance,
with nearly 60% saying it gives them reassurance that they
can get their pet treatment if it’s needed.

figure rises significantly amongst older Recent Zealanders, with
over 70% of over 50s saying they’re reassured by having pet
insurance. The figure also skews female, with 67% of girls
saying they’re reassured, in comparison with 47% of

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