Why do dogs sleep a lot? Is it normal for my dog to sleep all day?


In response to the Mayo Clinic, adult humans need roughly seven or more hours of sleep per night. This differs from other mammals like giraffes and horses, which need roughly two and three hours of sleep every day, respectively, in response to the University of Washington. 

But what about our furry, domestic friends? If you might have a dog, you could have noticed they like to rest and chill out just as much as they like to run around and play. 

Your pup’s typical day-to-day routine could include waking up, going for a walk after which heading back to rest on the couch, their bed and even your lap. 

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Why do dogs sleep a lot?

On average, dogs can sleep between 12 to 14 hours a day, in response to Purina. A dog spends about 50% of their day sleeping. 

Unlike humans who’ve busy schedules and infrequently ignore internal body signals, dogs sleep so much because their bodies are telling them to accomplish that, says PetMD. 

Senior dogs, puppies and bigger breeds also need more sleep than others. Larger dogs use more energy than smaller ones, while puppies are always exerting energy as a consequence of their age and curiosity, in response to PetMD. 

Senior dogs also need more sleep due to their age because it helps their bodies recuperate from each day activities.

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Why do dogs sleep so near you?

When your pet is resting or sleeping, they might snuggle up next to you. This behavior is inherently of their genes and is further cemented after they are puppies, in response to hepper.com. 

It’s common for dogs to sleep against you as a consequence of their wolf ancestry. Wolves, like domesticated dogs, are pack animals, and they have an inclination to put near others for warmth and security, says hepper.com. 

Another excuse your dog sleeps near you is protection. Your dog sees you as a part of its pack and shall be able to attack any threat, similar to its wolf cousins. 

Bonding may be why your dog sleeps nearby. Dogs sleep near their owners to bolster bonds. This comes consequently of genes as well, since sleeping in packs indicates trust and mutual support amongst wolves, says hepper.com. Dogs think in the identical way.

Anxiety can contribute to your dog sleeping next to you. They might be experiencing separation anxiety, which must be checked out on your dog’s long-term health, says hepper.com

When your pet is resting or sleeping, they may snuggle up next to you. This behavior is inherently in their genes and is further cemented when they are puppies.

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Is it normal for my dog to sleep all day?

In response to the American Kennel Club, dogs spend around half of the day asleep, 30% awake but relaxing and about 20% being energetic. 

So, it’s normal on your dog to sleep or rest for a majority of the day.

Nevertheless, excessive sleep could be concerning for any pet owner. In case your dog is sleeping an excessive amount of, this might indicate health issues, akin to canine depression, diabetes and hypothyroidism, says the AKC. 

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