Purely Pets customers to get 24/7 access to digital vet care with Joii


Markerstudy Broking has expanded its relationship with Vet-AI via a latest partnership with Purely Pets, meaning Purely Pets insurance holders are actually capable of profit from access to Joii Pet Care’s video consultations, opening up its digital vet care to 1000’s more pet owners.

The collaboration means the pet insurance specialist is capable of offer policyholders unlimited access to Joii Pet Care, including its video consultations with qualified and RCVS registered vets. Owners can even find a way to access Joii Pet Care’s symptom checker, which uses technology to assist pet owners pinpoint potential medical issues.

The business agreement marks the second between Markerstudy Broking, which operates the Purely Pets brand, and Vet-AI, following its partnership with Asda Money pet insurance earlier this yr.

Matt Elcock, chief operating officer of Vet-AI, said: “We’re delighted to announce our second partnership with Markerstudy Broking to support much more pets and their owners through Purely Pets.

Joii Pet Care offers 24/7 vet care, giving convenient access to skilled advice from the comfort of homes. The supply of top quality, preventative vet care is crucial to making sure that pets across the country are fit and healthy.”

Ross Hallifax, Purely Pets Affinity director, added: “We’ve got been working with the Joii Pet Care team for quite a few months and have been impressed with how the connection has developed.

“At Purely Pets, we continuously take a look at ways to reinforce our policy offering and this service means our customers will find a way to access help and advice on their pets’ health after they need it. With the associated fee of living increase that the country is experiencing, the Joii Pet Care app shall be invaluable for a lot of.”

Joii Pet Care launched in spring 2019 to tackle the rising costs of vet look after pets by offering pet owners distant consultations with real vets and nurses, via their smartphones.

Joii Pet Care is a synthetic intelligence app built by a team of experts, and allows pet parents to diagnose and receive really useful advice for pets from home.