PAW By Blackmores Launches Recent Campaign Advocating For Pet Health


Natural pet healthcare brand, PAW by Blackmores, has launched a latest campaign highlighting its support for dog parents as they return to work whilst caring for his or her fur babies.

Research suggests pet ownership has led to pet parents feeling apprehensive about veterinary access, economic hardship and what would occur if a pet falls in poor health.

As borders open, Australians begin to travel and spend more outing of the house, pet parents may feel more anxious about providing adequate take care of their pets – especially once they should not in the most effective of health.

As such, PAW by Blackmores goals to empower pet parents with natural therapeutic expertise, so that they can confidently take care of their pets.

“All of us share a really special relationship with our furry friends. They’re not only pets; they’re members of our family and sometimes our greatest friends,” said Blackmores Group chief marketing and innovation officer, Joanna Smith.

“Pets need their very own unique variety of care, and Paw by Blackmores gives pet parents the boldness that they’re taking care of their pets’ health in addition to they do their very own.

“After a lot time spent with our pets at home over the past two years, common pet health issues like anxiety and joint care could also be front of mind. Our products give pet parents full confidence that their furry faithful companions feel their best, easing our own concerns after we’re aside from our pets.”

Pure Animal Wellbeing (PAW) was developed by Dr Alister Webster, a third-generation vet from the Webster family, renowned by vets for creating quality pet products for over 80 years.

With the vision to construct a worldwide health economy, Blackmores Group extends its commitment to being a number one natural healthcare supplier and inspiring proactivity for long-term wellbeing – whether it’s for our pets or ourselves.

“Good Health is at the center of all the things we value here at Blackmores,” said Blackmores Group CEO, Alastair Symington.

“Throughout our 90-year history, we now have been considered one of the strongest voices continually advocating the advantages of natural health solutions.

“To deliver on our promise, we pride ourselves on having the ability to develop products that mix the most recent technologies and best natural ingredients, while maximising the health outcomes of not only humans but in addition our beloved pets.”

The PAW by Blackmores range focuses on the next areas of natural pet healthcare: Skin and coat health; Joint health; Digestive health; Mental health and wellbeing; Liver health; Ear care; and Grooming.

“Because they’re greater than human” launched last Sunday 13 March, together with a full 360 campaign with a powerful give attention to TV, digital and path to buy.