Saudi Arabia opens first five-star hotel for cats


Huda Al Otaibi, owner of the Betoya Pets Hotel, said: “Betoya is the primary five-star hotel licensed for pets in Saudi Arabia. That is the primary branch for cats, and there might be other branches coming up soon for other pets. This hotel might be like a resort for cats and can provide a peace of mind for the owners.”

The hotel also can receive those that love cats and wish to spend a while with them, because the hotel now has greater than 20 pet cats of various ages, sizes and different breeds which can be being taken care of by specialised team, Huda added.

Hind Mohammad, considered one of the purchasers, said that the hotel has really helped her solve her pressing problem. “I had a priority. Once I am away from home for long hours or must travel for long periods, I didn’t know where to place my cat. Now i’ve found this hotel,” Hind added.

One other customer Khaled Badr said: “I might be travelling next week and nobody cares about my cat and I heard about this hotel that gives many services for cats. I might be assured about its health as have access throught the APP.”