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Kidney disease is something we’re conversant in as humans and, although we would take the needed steps to guard our own health, it’s a condition that is commonly ignored in pets.
PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing says: “Kidneys help to filter out toxic waste products from metabolism which might be within the blood into the urine, but in the event that they aren’t working properly, these waste products construct up and cause serious illness.
“Damage to the kidneys often can’t be reversed, so it’s vital to know the impact of kidney disease and know the steps we are able to take to assist our cats live in addition to possible.”

Spotting the symptoms
Acute kidney disease develops when the kidneys have stopped working suddenly, often attributable to infection, consuming something toxic, or other health problems.

Depending on how severe the kidney damage is, sometimes your pet can get better and get back a few of their kidney function, with intensive treatment.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a long-term condition and, sadly, the damage to your cat’s kidneys can’t be reversed.

The kidneys are affected slowly over time, and problems can develop over a couple of months or years, with none signs in any respect for a very long time and is commonly just resulting from ageing.

Symptoms include drinking/urinating more often than usual, weight reduction, eating less, vomiting, low energy, bad breath with a urine smell, and sudden blindness.

Contact your vet should you start noticing any of those changes, as getting treatment early on could make an enormous difference to how long your cat can live with this disease.

Feeding your cat a special kidney weight loss program is one of the crucial essential changes – of all of the treatments available, it’s thought to make the most important impact on how long your pet will live.

These diets are formulated with the suitable levels of protein, sodium, and phosphorus, which support the kidneys and reduce toxin construct up.

Your vet will advise which weight loss program is best to your cat, and also you’ll have to introduce this slowly extra time.

In case your cat becomes dehydrated, your vet may give them fluids either through a drip or under their skin.

Sustain thus far with any medications, supplements, or vitamins really useful by your vet. In case your feline friend stops eating, they’re liable to becoming more poorly – in the event that they have trouble eating their kidney food, speak to your vet for further advice.

Ensuring your cat stays hydrated and has a consistent intake of water is important to their overall health.

Weight-reduction plan is de facto essential to keeping the kidneys healthy so check that your cat’s food is suitable for his or her age – most foods for senior cats have the suitable balance of ingredients to maintain their kidneys as healthy as possible.

Regular check-ins together with your vet are essential throughout your cat’s life, and Persian, Siamese, Ragdoll, Burmese, Russian Blue, Fundamental Coon, and Abyssinian cat breeds could also be at higher risk of developing CKD.

Keeping an in depth eye in your cat’s behaviour is incredibly essential as they become old, as the sooner your spot any symptoms, the higher their probabilities.



Picture: Pixabay/doanme