Pet owners’ own health advantages boosts pet food spending


Pet ownership correlates with various positive health outcomes documented on the Human Animal Bond Research Institute Central website. While therapists use pets to deal with conditions from autism to post-traumatic stress disorder, the health and wellness advantages extend to all pet owners. Sharing information concerning the positive medical effects of pets on people could have an economic profit for the pet food industry. 

“This is the reason you have to be sharing this information,” Steven Feldman, president of the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), said during his presentation at Global Pet Expo on March 24 in Orlando, Florida, USA. “They will buy higher-quality nutrition, more toys, and spend more cash overall. In the event you make this human-animal bond a component of your product premise, and really discuss this, a number of good things are going to occur.”

HABRI researchers estimated that pet ownership ends in US$11.78 billion in health care savings in the USA. In a survey of U.S. pet owners, 48% of pet owners had a pet advisable for its health advantages. Family and friends were the first sources of those recommendations, followed by doctors and therapists. Survey respondents were most aware of pets’ health advantages related to easing loneliness, reducing stress and depression. Ninety-seven percent of pet owners were aware of at the very least one profit. 

Higher premium pet food sales relationship to pet-human bond knowledge 

Being aware of the health boost pet owners get from their animals may increase pet ownership rates overall. Knowing about research on the human-animal bond resulted in 87% of survey respondents stating they might recommend a pet to a friend or member of the family. Fifty-seven percent were more more likely to get an extra pet due to their awareness of the health advantages of pet ownership.

For pet food and treat firms, knowledge of how pets boost an individual’s health and wellness may lead to increased sales of premium pet foods. Awareness of the pet-human health boost correlated to 90% of pet owners stating they were more more likely to provide their pet with higher-quality nutrition. Likewise, 77% responded that they were more more likely to spend more overall in the event that they were aware of research on how pets help people’s health. 

Tim Wall covers the dog, cat and other pet food industries as senior reporter for WATT Global Media. His work has appeared in Live Science, Discovery News, Scientific American, Honduras Weekly, Global Journalist and other outlets. He holds a journalism master’s degree
from the University of Missouri – Columbia and a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Wall served within the Peace Corps in Honduras from 2005 to 2007, where he coordinated with the town government of Moroceli to arrange a municipal trash collection system, taught environmental science, translated for medical brigades and facilitated sustainable agriculture, together with other projects.

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