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The human health and wellness space developed significantly in the course of the global pandemic, and pet owners have begun to hunt latest ways to higher look after their pets. Consequently, demand for natural pet supplements has soared, industry insiders report.

Substantial market trends are driving growth within the category, and sales are increasing. In 2021, the worldwide pet supplements market size was valued at $1.9 billion USD, and it’s forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9 percent from 2022 to 2030, in keeping with a report from Grand View Research, a San Francisco-based market research firm.

“Millennials are a serious driver within the natural complement market today,” said RaChelle Baca-Lobre, founder and global director of sales of Rover’s Wellness, a manufacturer in Franklin, Tenn. “They’re generally willing to spend extra money than previous generations to make sure the health of their pets and gravitate toward products with clean labels which can be prepared with top-of-the-line ingredients. Sustainability and responsible sourcing are also key.”

No matter a pet’s age or lifestyle, supplements can provide relief for hip and joint pain, improve cognition, alleviate anxiety, support urinary health and aid common ailments. Pet owners commonly seek supplements once they first notice a pet is anxious or affected by an illness, insiders noted.

The pandemic impacted trends on this category. Pet owners who spent more time at home higher understood the needs of their pets and identified issues, comparable to anxiety or stool problems, insiders said.

Ted Hayes, president and owner of Life Line Pet Nutrition, a Gig Harbor, Wash.-based manufacturer, expects to see increased demand for naturally sourced products as the worth of natural supplements becomes more apparent.

“Post COVID, we’ve got seen a rise in demand for our natural products,” Hayes said. “Customers are higher understanding, greater than ever, the worth in not only wild-caught salmon, but products which can be sourced from operations using sustainable practices. Our sales have greater than doubled, as customers do their research, searching for all natural, sustainable fish oil products.”

The largest drivers for fish oil supplements are the reduction of inflammation of the joints and treating skin issues or sensitivities, Hayes said. Life Line Pet Nutrition’s Wild Alaskan Fish Oil provides pets with omega-3 nutrition, is crafted with astaxanthin, a robust antioxidant, and supports overall brain and heart health, he added.

Supplemental feeding is a trend that officials at Grandma Lucy’s are seeing increased demand for, said Brian Butler, vp of sales and marketing for the Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.-based pet product manufacturer.

“We’re seeing major growth in our Pumpkin Pouches,” Butler said.

Made in the corporate’s California facility, Grandma Lucy’s Pumpkin Pouches are an all-natural, superfood complement that make a simple, healthy addition to a pets’ each day weight-reduction plan, Butler said. The product currently is available in 4 varieties that provide remedies for inflammation, skin and coat problems, and digestive and bladder issues.

“People proceed to look for methods they’ll elevate their current feeding routines without changing their pets’ weight-reduction plan,” Butler said. “We decide our ingredients based off what we expect is best for pets and our customers. All of our products are freeze-dried in house, and we found that pumpkin was a fiber-soluble way of delivering ingredients which can be easily mixable into pets’ food, whether it’s sprinkled on top of dry kibble or adding water to it as a treat.”

Grandma Lucy’s also offers Easy Replacements for pets struggling from digestion ailments. They’re an incredible option for pets on latest medications which will have eating troubles after vet visits or surgeries, Butler said.

Many individuals take vitamins and probiotics for their very own health and request similar products for his or her pets, said Addie Schuhle, owner of Pet Food Depot, a pet supplies retailer in Phoenix.

“The natural pet supplements category is exploding in 2022,” Schuhle said. “Our greatest-sellers thus far are from the NaturVet line. We see requests for calming and recommend solutions comparable to hemp-based treats and CBD [cannabidiol] oils.”

Christy Love, CEO of Super Snouts Hemp Co., Diggin’ Your Dog and Super Snouts Health Solutions, manufacturers of broad-spectrum hemp products in Reno, Nev., said pet owners primarily seek solutions for mobility, digestion, allergies and calming.

“Super Snouts pet wellness products are easy, effective and reasonably priced,” Love said. “We’re a results-driven company that focuses on innovation.”

Super Snouts Hemp Co. released CBG Mojo soft chews to support restorative health in January. They include cannabigerol (CBG) and turkey tail mushrooms because the lively ingredients. The corporate’s newest complement product is Lion’s Roar, which is a single-strain lion’s mane mushroom used to support cognitive health, specifically in aging pets, the corporate reported. As well as, in February, the brand introduced a soft chew version of its best-selling Joint Power powdered mobility complement.

“At all times have a look at the ingredients before purchasing,” Love said. “Make certain that the lively and inactive ingredients are prime quality and search for whole food, easy ingredients when making your alternative. Also, find supplements which have the National Animal Complement [Council] Seal. Which means that the corporate has undergone a really rigorous audit of their products and their facility.”

Defined by the National Animal Complement Council (NASC), the NASC Quality Seal identifies products from corporations which can be committed to quality, vigilance, and continuous improvement to advertise the well-being of companion animals and horses.

With hemp products, retailers should at all times demand a certification of authenticity for purity, Baca-Lobre said.

“There are several well-established, highly responsible pet complement brands available,” Baca-Lobre said. “But with regards to packaging and promoting hemp oil products, many brands will make confusing or misleading claims. Sadly, these products can potentially threaten the health of our pets. Retailers might help their customers avoid a negative experience by introducing them to supplements that bear the NASC Quality Seal. We’re proud to supply a hemp oil tincture that was the primary to earn the appropriate to display this seal.”

Rover’s Wellness released 4 latest varieties of Rover’s Canine Wellness Chews in addition to freeze-dried Chicken Bites and Beef Bites in July and plans to announce several latest additions this month.

“We’ve introduced a latest broad-spectrum hemp oil tincture containing 1,600 milligrams of CBD for dogs,”

Baca-Lobre said. “We’re also debuting our Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil Salve and Transdermal Gel Pen for dogs and cats. Each of those products are 100% THC free and are infused with true broad-spectrum hemp oil.”

Consumer & Worker Education

Simplifying Supplements

The pet supplements category offers quality solutions to countless remedies, but confusing labels and misinformation could make pet owners feel overwhelmed. That’s where independent pet specialty retailers can step in with guidance.

“One option to confirm whether a complement is natural is by simply checking the label,” said RaChelle Baca-Lobre, founder and global director of sales of Rover’s Wellness, a manufacturer in Franklin, Tenn. “Consumers should search for products that list whole food ingredients. Labels that list nutrients individually, comparable to vitamin B, are prone to be synthetic.”

Hemp oils have change into a preferred option for pets that struggle with anxiety, painful joints or inflammatory conditions. Nonetheless, the various extracts produced from its components could be confusing to pet owners, Baca-Lobre said.

“One of the vital significant facts that we wish our retailer partners and pet parents to know is the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp oils,” Baca-Lobre said. “Rover’s Wellness [products] are infused with certified organic broad-spectrum oil, which suggests that they’re truly THC free. Full-spectrum pet complement providers cannot make this claim.”

Consumers also can do independent research to discover their pets’ needs at different stages in life.

“If a pet is [predisposed] to skin allergies or currently suffers from skin issues, choosing a fish oil containing borage oil is important to the health of a pet’s skin,” said Ted Hayes, president and owner of Life Line Pet Nutrition, a Gig Harbor, Wash.-based manufacturer. “In contrast, if a pet parent has a puppy or pregnant pet, choosing an oil with the very best concentration of DHA will best support the brain development in those animals.”

Specifically for retailers, Grandma Lucy’s offers a Learning Module Software (LMS) with classes on different products, said Brian Butler, vp of sales and marketing for the Santa Margarita, Calif.-based manufacturer of made within the USA pet products.

“At Grandma Lucy’s, we work really hard to teach our independent retailers and provides them the chance to serve their community,” Butler said. “Our hope is that retailers use our resources to teach themselves on our offerings to learn what would work best for his or her location and meet the needs of their customers. We’re proud to have outside sales representatives throughout the nation who can seek the advice of retailers on a neighborhood level.”

It’s necessary to notice that selling supplements is all about establishing trust, Baca-Lobre said.

“Shoppers are drawn to products from brands whose missions align with their very own,” Baca-Lobre said. “When a brand cares as much in regards to the health, happiness and safety of their pets as they do, pet parents feel more confident purchasing their products.”

All-in-one soft chew supplements are a preferred first alternative and straightforward so as to add into pets’ established diets, said Addie Schuhle, owner of Pet Food Depot, a pet supplies retailer in Phoenix. Her store carries a big collection of natural supplements and has not less than one product for many ailments.

“NaturVet, Natural Dog Co., Diggin’ Your Dog and Pet Releaf are a number of the brands we’ve got readily available,” Schuhle said. “We try to reduce options by only carrying NaturVet as a whole line. We help educate customers on their pets’ ailments by recommending online research. Brochures and signage from manufacturers also help us provide on-hand information.”

Trade Talk


Joe McIver, brand director at Whitebridge Pet Brands in St. Louis

Human trends often influence latest product development within the pet food category. Are there similarities within the pet complement category? What goes into creating latest supplements at Whitebridge, and what’s latest from the corporate? 

Just as with food, the pet complement category is influenced by trends within the human market. Pet parents want their dogs and cats to benefit from the same health and wellness advantages that they themselves derive from supplements, and in lots of cases, the proven actives in human products are also effective in pets.

Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids are example. At Grizzly, we deal with omegas, that are vital to many elements of each humans’ and pets’ health, including boosting the immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and supporting strong joints and skin and coat health. We also offer joint health supplements, one other popular human category. Our Joint Aid Liquid accommodates five lively ingredients that work together to advertise joint health: glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), hyaluronic acid and wild Antarctic krill oil.

Aside from its products, our company is strongly aligned with one other of today’s human trends: sustainability. Grizzly’s Omega fish oils use 100% wild-caught fish, a more ecologically sustainable sourcing practice than farming, which releases waste and chemicals into the ocean and surrounding environment. We also utilize the entire fish nose-to-tail, all parts not designated for human consumption, to reduce waste. Our commitment to sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact is what ultimately drives our product development and production.


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