7 Best Pet Insurance Firms in Arizona of 2022


Should you enjoy taking your furry companion on weekend camping trips within the Grand Canyon or to seasonal festivals in Phoenix, consider protecting your pet with probably the greatest pet insurance policies in AZ.

While chances are you’ll not need pet insurance if you happen to can afford emergency vet bills, it’s good to need to protect your pet within the event of an emergency. Pet insurance may help pay for routine care and preventative treatments with optional coverage add-ons, keeping your pet glad and healthy.

Finding the fitting pet insurance provider for you and your pet could be daunting with so many options available. We on the Home Media reviews team have taken the time to know the needs of pet owners by conducting surveys and analyzing a whole lot of third-party customer reviews.

Through this research, we identified the top pet insurance firms based on their coverage offerings, pricing and advantages.

Arizona’s 7 Top Pet Insurance Firms

Listed here are the highest providers of pet insurance in Arizona:

Coverage & Cost: Lemonade’s pet insurance plan covers unexpected vet bills corresponding to diagnostic tests, surgery, hospitalization, prescription medications and more when your pet has an accident or illness. Covered accidents and illnesses include broken bones and hip dysplasia. Lemonade doesn’t cover behavioral issues, dental illnesses, elective procedures and pre-existing conditions that arise before your pet’s policy coverage begins. Lemonade also doesn’t pay for physical therapy treatments or vet visit fees unless you add those coverage items to your plan for a couple of extra dollars per 30 days.

Optional Add-Ons: You can too add preventative care coverage at two different monthly prices. The cheaper option covers a wellness exam, fecal test, blood test, heartworm test and three vaccines, whereas the opposite option adds coverage for a routine dental cleansing and heartworm, flea or tick medication.

Sample Monthly Premiums: Listed here are some prices from our sample quotes for policies with a $5,000 annual limit, a $250 deductible and an 80% reimbursement rate for 1- to 9-year-old mixed animals in Phoenix:

  • Dogs: $18–$53 per 30 days
  • Cats: $12–$25 per 30 days

While Lemonade is the defendant in a class-action lawsuit regarding its alleged collection of biometric data, we still view it as a legitimate and reputable selection of provider based on its user-friendly online experience, reasonably priced rates and quality coverage. You may learn more in our Lemonade review linked below.

Get a quote: Use Lemonade’s hassle-free online quote tool to ascertain policy prices.

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Coverage & Cost: Spot is a perfect selection for pet parents who need to customize their policy. They will make a choice from accident-only coverage, accident and illness coverage, wellness add-ons and 7 annual coverage limits from $2,500 to unlimited. Moreover, Spot covers vet bills from behavioral treatments, exam fees, microchipping, injury treatments and more.

Optional Add-Ons: Whenever you buy a Spot policy, you may also add Gold or Platinum preventative care plans with as much as $250 or $450 per 12 months of per-treatment limits for items corresponding to a dental cleansing, a fecal test, vaccinations and heartworm tests. Spot doesn’t cover elective or cosmetic vet services, pregnancy or breeding issues and pre-existing conditions.

Sample Monthly Premiums: To point out you sample pricing for Spot’s accident-only plan, listed below are some quoted premiums in Phoenix for policies with $5,000 annual coverage limits, $250 deductibles and 80% reimbursement rates for dogs and cats of varied breeds and ages:

  • Dogs: $33.96 per 30 days
  • Cats: $19.12 per 30 days

Get a quote: Customize your policy by getting a free quote from Spot on the corporate’s website.

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Coverage & Cost: Like Lemonade, Embrace Pet Insurance offers only one pet insurance plan option for coverage on each accidents and illnesses. The plan pays for allergy testing, alternative treatments, X-rays, ultrasounds, exam fees, dental procedures and more once they’re needed to treat your pet’s accident, illness or other unexpected condition. Embrace excludes pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, issues from breeding or pregnancy and organ transplants.

Optional Add-Ons: Moreover, Embrace offers one of the vital impressive, optional preventative care plans within the industry called the Wellness Rewards plan. It pays for 100% of routine vet bills from treatments corresponding to a wellness exam, vaccinations, microchipping and teeth cleansing. You may select annual limits of $250, $450 or $650 in your optional Wellness Rewards plan.

Sample Monthly Premiums: The next average premiums are for mixed dogs and cats between 1 and 9 years old in Phoenix for a policy with $5,000 of annual coverage, a $300 deductible and an 80% reimbursement rate:

  • Dogs: $35–$61 per 30 days
  • Cats: $17–$37 per 30 days

Get a quote: Fill out this online form for an quick pet insurance quote from Embrace.

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Coverage & Cost: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers two pet insurance coverage: Accident-Only Coverage and Complete Coverage. The Accident-Only Coverage plan reimburses policyholders for treatment costs and exam fees related to their pet’s accidents, corresponding to torn ligaments, cuts and broken bones. The Complete Coverage plan extends that coverage to illnesses and other conditions corresponding to behavioral issues, cancer, arthritis, allergies and more, so long as they aren’t pre-existing before coverage begins.

Optional Add-Ons: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance also offers preventative care add-ons to either plan for items corresponding to a dental cleansing, deworming, a heartworm test and a fecal test. You should purchase the Basic plan with $250 of total per-item limits per 12 months or the Prime plan with an annual total of $450 of per-item limits. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance excludes pre-existing conditions along with cosmetic procedures and breeding costs.

Sample Monthly Premiums: Below are sample averages of Complete Coverage plan premiums with $5,000 annual limits, $250 deductibles and 80% reimbursement rates for mixed pets in Phoenix between 1 and 9 years old:

  • Dogs: $50–$117 per 30 days
  • Cats: $26–$50 per 30 days

Get a quote: Fill out this online form along with your zip code and pet’s details for a quote from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

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Coverage & Cost: Fetch provides just one plan in your pet’s accidents and illnesses. It pays for treatments, procedures, vet visit fees and other costs corresponding to lost-pet promoting and reward money in case your pet goes missing, boarding fees if you happen to’re hospitalized for greater than 4 days and wish help caring in your pet and vacation cancellation fees in case your pet’s treatment requires you to cancel your trip.

Unlimited Coverage Option: Fetch offers a limiteless coverage option for no annual coverage caps, but it surely doesn’t offer any additional coverage options. The corporate also doesn’t pay for pre-existing conditions, elective or cosmetic surgeries and routine or preventative look after your pet. For this reason, it’s not one of the best option if you happen to’re searching for help covering annual vet visits or vaccinations.

Sample Monthly Premiums: Listed here are some average prices for a Fetch policy in Phoenix with a $5,000 annual coverage limit, $250 deductible and 80% reimbursement rate for mixed animals between 1 and 9 years old:

  • Dogs: $34–$120 per 30 days
  • Cats: $20–$47 per 30 days

Get a quote: Visit Fetch’s website to enter your zip code and pet’s information and receive a free pet insurance quote.

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Coverage & Cost: All Healthy Paws pet insurance policies include unlimited annual, per-incident and lifelong coverage, which implies you’ll never reach a maximum amount the provider can pay for covered veterinary services. It covers accidents and illnesses, including cancer, hereditary conditions, chronic conditions and congenital conditions.

Healthy Paws doesn’t offer any preventative care add-ons, and its policies don’t cover behavioral issues, spay or neutering, exam fees and hip dysplasia until after the primary 12 months of the policy.

Sample Monthly Premiums: Unlike competitors, Healthy Paws limits how you possibly can customize your policy when your pet is greater than 6 years old. Nevertheless, listed below are average prices for pets in Phoenix between 1 and 9 years old from policies with $250 deductibles and 80% reimbursement rates when those options were available:

  • Dogs: $39–$77 per 30 days
  • Cats: $18–$36 per 30 days

Get a quote: Fill out this online form from Healthy Paws for an quick quote based in your zip code and pet’s details.

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Coverage & Cost: Prudent Pet offers three different plans with various coverage levels. The Accident-Only Plan pays as much as $10,000 per 12 months for needed treatments and procedures related to accidents corresponding to broken bones and bite wounds. The Essential Plan pays as much as $10,000 annually for those accidents along with illnesses and other conditions corresponding to hip dysplasia, urinary infections, hereditary conditions and more. Prudent Pet also offers the Ultimate Plan with unlimited annual coverage for accidents and illnesses plus a couple of extra reimbursements for costs corresponding to lost-pet promoting and reward money, vacation cancellation fees if you must change travel plans as a result of your pet’s treatments and substitute costs in case your pet is officially lost or stolen.

Optional Add-Ons: Moreover, you possibly can add extra coverage for exam fees and preventative care to your pet insurance plan. Nevertheless, these plans have some exclusions, corresponding to pre-existing conditions, herbal therapies and cosmetic procedures.

Sample Monthly Premiums: Listed here are the common rates we received for an Essential Plan with a $250 deductible and 80% reimbursement rate for mixed pets in Phoenix between the ages of 1 and 9 years old:

  • Dogs: $41–$93 per 30 days
  • Cats: $25–$55 per 30 days

Get a quote: Select your Prudent plan by getting a quote using this easy online tool.

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Which is the Best Provider of Pet Insurance in Arizona for You?

Not only does pet insurance help your animal get the care it needs without hesitation, it’s also a savvy financial investment and may protect you from paying for expensive vet bills. To search out one of the best pet insurance provider for you and your pet, we recommend getting quotes from a couple of firms to match prices and coverage in your area.

While Lemonade offers a few of one of the best coverage at reasonably priced prices, other Arizona pet insurance firms could also be a greater fit for you and your animal. Embrace has a singular Healthy Pet Deductible, and Prudent Pet offers impressive extra coverage in its Ultimate Plan.



*Each provider’s monthly cost is predicated on accident and illness policy premiums from quotes we received on 4-year-old medium-sized dogs in Phoenix.


Forms of Pet Insurance Plans

Pet insurance is an easy product that could be broken down into two plans and a preferred additional coverage option or endorsement. The coverage plan you’re searching for will vary depending in your exact needs. Here’s an in depth breakdown of what each plan comes with:

  • Accident-only plan: Should you’re on a budget and don’t need full coverage for your entire pet’s conditions, you should purchase an accident-only plan for coverage on items corresponding to a broken bone, toxic ingestion, bite wound or severe cut.
  • Accident and illness plan: This plan is obtainable by all pet insurance providers to reimburse you for vet bills related to the incidents in an accident-only plan plus general illnesses and other conditions, including hip dysplasia, allergies, cancer, chronic conditions, congenital conditions and more.
  • Preventative care add-ons: Many providers offer wellness and preventative care coverage add-ons to assist pay for routine vet visits and coverings, corresponding to checkups, vaccinations and blood tests.



Select the Right Pet Insurance Provider in Arizona

Before purchasing a pet insurance policy, listed below are a couple of aspects to think about to assist narrow down your decisions:

  • Plan type: Although most providers offer accident and illness plans, not all of them provide accident-only plans. Should you’re searching for coverage on just accidents and injuries, limit your decisions to Prudent Pet, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and Spot, since they provide those plans.
  • Coverage limits: Should you need lots of coverage, consider pet insurance providers with a limiteless coverage cap option, corresponding to Prudent Pet, and Healthy Paws. Nevertheless, Spot offers a low annual coverage option of $2,500, which is right if you happen to’re on a budget and wish a minimal amount of coverage in your pet’s emergencies.
  • Policy customization: Along with customizing your coverage limits, you possibly can select deductibles and reimbursement rates to assist lower your premium so you simply pay for what you wish. While lower annual deductibles cost more per 30 days, you’ll have less to pay out during a claim. Similarly, higher reimbursement rates mean you have got a smaller copay during a claim, but your premium could be considerably costlier depending on which one you select.
  • Wellness coverage: If you have got a puppy or kitten, it is best to consider preventative care coverage, which is obtainable by all the providers on this review except Fetch and Healthy Paws. This coverage can prevent lots of money in your pet’s initial treatments and vet visits. In truth, after we surveyed 1,000 pet owners nationwide, 42% of those who got their pet before it turned 1 12 months old paid between $200 and $500 for initial visits and vaccinations, while 27% paid greater than $500.




Our Methodology

Our review of pet insurance firms is predicated on in-depth industry research that features reading a whole lot of customer reviews, simulating the quote and buying process, chatting with representatives on the phone to evaluate the shopper service experience and surveying 1,000 dog and cat owners nationwide to find out an important elements of pet insurance coverage. We now have scored each provider on a 100-point scale based on those elements.

Listed here are more details about each factor and the way they’re weighted: 

  • Monthly pricing (25 points): How much each company charges for its pet insurance coverage is a vital a part of a customer’s decision. The very best pet insurance firms mix comprehensive coverage and plan options with reasonably priced rates.
  • Plans (15 points): The highest pet insurance firms offer accident and illness plans, accident-only plans and wellness or preventative care add-ons to offer customers the choice to decide on a plan that’s best for his or her pet.
  • Covered treatments (15 points): With this factor, we scored firms based on the treatments and procedures they cover. Firms with a breadth of included treatments and unique coverages received more points than providers with more standard or general policies.
  • Customization options (10 points): Customizing your policy is a worthwhile solution to make sure you only pay for what your pet needs. Providers with more annual-limit, deductible and reimbursement-rate options earned the very best scores.
  • Customer care (10 points): We scored firms on their website accessibility and overall usability, customer support availability, mobile apps (if any), money-back guarantees and veterinarian telehealth options, awarding points to the insurers with more customer experience offerings.
  • Industry fame (10 points): To find out each company’s industry fame, we reviewed up-to-date rankings and accreditation information from the Higher Business Bureau (BBB) and scored firms on their years of experience within the industry and their state availability.
  • Waiting periods (10 points): Firms with shorter accident, illness and orthopedic waiting periods between the sign-up and coverage start date scored higher than firms with longer waiting periods.
  • Eligible age (5 points): Some firms don’t offer policies for pets which can be over a certain age. We deducted points from providers which have age limits for covered pets.

We use our rating system to match and contrast each company against key aspects to assist us determine one of the best pet insurance firms within the industry. Moreover, we keep our research up to this point and revisit our reviews regularly.