‘Pets Are Frequent Interrupters at Zoom Meetings’


The everyday office routine has modified greatly for Lucy Postins, who 20 years ago began pet food company The Honest Kitchen as a healthy alternative for dogs and cats (watch her startup story within the video above). Gone are the times when staff and four-legged creatures alike roamed the office at the previous Wonder Bread factory in San Diego. But with the pandemic finally easing, good change is on the horizon by way of latest digs, an expanded cat food line and a slew of latest customers consequently of pet adoption through the pandemic. 

The British-born Postins reduced her hours in 2017 to regain more work-life balance as she raises teen-age daughters and mentors other female entrepreneurs. The corporate, which now has about 70 employees, posted nearly 40% growth in 2021.

We asked Postins to share how she works now. 

Lucy Postins and her cat, Solovino. (Credit: Lucy Postins)

Are you currently distant or in-person or hybrid?

Distant-only. We opted to not renew our office lease when the pandemic began but we’re incredibly excited to be constructing out a brand latest office space in San Diego’s Mission Valley area. We expect to maneuver in once renovations are complete, later this summer.

What has modified essentially the most about how you’re employed, because the pandemic?

We initially halted all business travel however it is starting to resume now. Personally I used to be already used to working from home so not much has actually modified by way of the way in which I work, apart from more deal with team-wide connections. For instance, we now have weekly all-hands Zoom meetings.

Which did you like – working in-person or working remotely?

I’m perfectly completely happy with each. I definitely enjoy spending less time on the commute. Our staff have a mixture of opinions; some are excited to get back to the office and others are looking forward to continuing to work at home.

How did the pandemic impact your bottom line?

We’ve seen unprecedented surges in demand for our products. Pet ownership increased dramatically through the pandemic, and along with that, many pet owners ended up spending way more time with their pets, which I believe increased awareness about health. This in turn led to plenty of people researching more concerning the links between food and health, and making decisions to speculate in higher quality human-grade nutrition to be able to support their pets’ health and wellbeing.

What time do you rise up?

6.15am. I’ve change into more of an early riser through the years – our animals are pretty regimented schedule-followers. We now have a small ranch where we spend a few of our time. Getting up with the sunshine really helps to establish the day, feeding the animals and doing chores before breakfast.

What pets do you may have?

We now have two dogs, Parker (a Border Terrier) and Rowan (a Rhodesian Ridgeback) in addition to a one-eyed cat named Solovino.

blankLucy Postins often takes her dogs Parker and Rowan on walks to de-stress. (Credit: Lucy Postins)

What’s the very first thing you do within the morning?

I check for any urgent emails once I first get up.

What’s your Zoom background?

Just my office wall, cupboard and door! But pets are frequent interrupters at Honest Kitchen Zoom meetings and I’m no exception. Most Zooms are accented with a bark, a requirement for attention or a tail moving between someone and their camera.

Throughout the work day I can’t live without… 

Herbal tea. I even have a fairly broad collection along with traditional black tea drunk the British way.

What’s your favorite WFH procrastination activity?

Laundry. Each our daughters are still at home.

Do you may have a preferred social-media platform?

I exploit Instagram and Facebook but I’m consciously attempting to cut down.

One of the best thing that the pandemic has done for the workplace is…

Helped us to be more conscientious of company-wide connections, including empathy for many who are full-time distant employees.

blankChef Thomas Keller and his MasterClass sharing his Perfect Red Wine Braised Short Ribs recipe. (Image: MasterClass)

What’s the newest skill you’ve acquired? 

I’ve been brushing up my cooking skills and trying more varied recipes, including vegetarian options. I like Nigel Slater’s cookbooks due to his relaxed approach to each ingredients and quantities. I’ve also tried to work on just a few more barely technical dishes in Thomas Keller’s MasterClass series. One in all the most important hits has been his short ribs recipe, which takes about 3 days to make.

What do you miss essentially the most from the “before” times? 

I miss the mindset of being generally pretty relaxed about germs!

Does your work day have a tough stop? 

No, I work sporadically on an as-needed basis at any time of the day or evening.

How do you de-stress?

Walking my dogs, understanding and each day meditation.

Where did you go in your most up-to-date vacation? 

Steamboat Springs. We love Colorado in any season but our most up-to-date trip was this past winter to benefit from the snow, after having to cancel our trip to see family in Europe as a result of last-minute Covid restrictions.

These have been trying times. What are you essentially the most hopeful about?

From a business standpoint, I’m hopeful that offer chains and transportation will normalize as those are our biggest hindrances for the time being. From a private perspective, I’m very grateful to have a healthy work-life balance while furthering my meditation practice and continuing to support other female founders through seed investments, board work and mentoring.


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