Animal Healthcare Company Zoetis Completes Acquisition of Basepaws, a Company That Sells At-home DNA Testing Kits for Cats


Genetic testing for the health and wellbeing of beloved pets isn’t unlike clinical laboratory testing to develop personalized treatments for humans

Clinical laboratory professionals know that the identical patients who complain a couple of $10 copay for their very own laboratory testing will happily pay veterinarians tons of money to check and treat their beloved pets. And as genetic testing for humans becomes commonplace, more individuals are seemingly willing to pay for genetic analyses of their pets as well.

In June, animal health company Zoetis, Inc. announced it had accomplished the acquisition of pet care genetics company Basepaws. The financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

California-based Basepaws is a privately-held company that gives pet owners with analytics, genetic tests, and early health risk assessments for his or her pets through oral microbiome evaluation. Founded in 2017, Basepaws was accountable for the creation of the primary at-home genetic testing platform for cats.

Basepaws sells easy-to-use genetic testing kits for cats that allow pet owners and veterinarians to raised understand a person pet’s predisposition to certain illnesses and increase the likelihood of early detection and treatment of those diseases.

It’s not unlike the drive toward personalized medicine and genetic testing that’s on the core of human precision medicine.

Different Breeds, Different Needs

Basepaws has a slogan: “Different breeds, different needs.” This implies, in keeping with their website, each individual cat has a novel composition of genetic traits that may relate to its needs for optimal health and wellbeing. Obviously, this could apply to all pets.

“As a pioneer in pet care genetics, the California-based Basepaws offers easy-to-use genetic screening tools for the early detection of disease risk in pets, in addition to individualized breed and health reports that may discover traits, biomarkers, and potential hereditary conditions for pets. Basepaws helps pet owners and veterinarians understand a person pet’s risk for disease and might result in more meaningful engagements and increased likelihood of early detection and treatment of disease,” states a Zoetis press release announcing the acquisition.

“The addition of Basepaws will enhance our portfolio within the precision animal health space and inform our future pipeline of pet care innovations,” said Kristin Peck, CEO of Zoetis, within the press release. “Working together, we are able to proceed to offer veterinarians and pet owners with more comprehensive ways to proactively manage the health, wellness, and quality of take care of their animals.”

“Basepaws and Zoetis each consist of pet lovers with a passion for science, and our mission is to create higher and longer lives for our pets through knowledge and data,” Anna Skaya (above), CEO of Basepaws, told ROI-N.J. “We look ahead to expanding our business and the impact of our genetic products with the worldwide scale and [research and development] experience of Zoetis, the world leader in animal health. We imagine that, together, we are able to bring the advantages of a more proactive healthcare approach to pet parents world wide.” Genetic testing for optimum pet health isn’t unlike the drive for personalized clinical laboratory genetic testing for humans. (Photo copyright: Los Angeles Times.)

Test Results for Lots of of Genetic Disorders and Health Markers

Basepaws currently sells three DNA test kits for felines on their webpage. The present price for an oral health test kit that identifies energetic signs of dental diseases is $69. Their breed and cat health DNA test kit, which provides results for over 115 known feline genetic markers, is $129. Their most comprehensive testing kit is a complete genome sequencing (WGS) kit which is currently on sale for $399.

After receiving a test kit by mail, the purchaser registers the kit online, takes a single buccal swab from their kitty’s inner cheek, after which mails the sample to Basepaws. Lab personnel then extract the cat’s DNA from the sample and perform quality checks to make sure the sample is appropriate for genetic testing. It takes 4 to 6 weeks for consumers to receive test results.

Based on the corporate’s website, Basepaws’ WGS test provides results related to 43 genetic disorders which can be represented by 65 health markers. The listing of genetic disorders contained within the Health Marker section of the Basepaws report includes data on:

  • Metabolic disorders,
  • Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders,
  • Renal disorders,
  • Cardiovascular disorders,
  • Blood disorders,
  • Eye disorders,
  • Endocrine disorders,
  • Skin disorders, and
  • Autoimmune disorders.

“The Basepaws team has done a tremendous job demonstrating how genetic testing and data can improve how we take care of the pets in our lives,” Abhay Nayak, Executive Vice President at Zoetis, told ROI-NJ. “With the addition of Basepaws, Zoetis will proceed to strengthen our portfolio of products for precision animal health, across genetics, diagnostics, and data analytics for pets and livestock. We’re also excited by how Basepaws’ feline genomic and microbiome database will help enhance our [research and development] capabilities and inform the long run of our pet care pipeline.”

Zoetis, based in Parsippany, N.J., manufactures vaccines, medicines, clinical laboratory diagnostics, and other technologies for the good thing about companion pets and livestock. The Fortune 500 company generated $7.8 billion in revenue in 2021, in keeping with its website.

American’s Spend Billions Caring for Their Pets

An article within the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One, titled, “Exploratory Content Evaluation of Direct-to-Consumer Pet Genomics: What Is Being Marketed and What Are Consumers Saying?” noted that US pet owners spent roughly $103.6 billion on their pets in 2020, with 30% of that quantity going towards veterinary care and products.

The article also stated that the worldwide animal genetic testing market was valued at $990 million in 2020 and is barely expected to rise.

Thus, spending money keeping our pets healthy isn’t only a typical element of Americans’ lives, but additionally a mega-billion-dollar industry. With at-home genetic testing for humans increasing in popularity, it’s likely testing for animals will follow that trend as well.

In the long run, some clinical laboratory organizations will probably want to consider assessing the animal DNA testing marketplace for its potential to be a useful source of recent revenue, especially because potential customers can pay money once they order genetic tests for his or her dogs and cats.  

JP Schlingman

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