40% Of Pet Owners Have Tasted Their Pet’s Food


Cropped picture of cute fluffy akita inu sitting underneath desk in cafeteria consuming his meals throughout his proprietor lunch, effectively skilled beautiful japanese canine consuming together with his proprietor in pet pleasant restaurant

We all know that the majority pet homeowners deal with their animals like household, and as some do with their fam, they’ll do absolutely anything to ensure they’re consuming effectively.

A recent survey finds:

  • Pet homeowners take their animals’ meals very significantly.
  • 74% say they are going to learn critiques earlier than contemplating giving a product to their pets.
  • 39% say they are going to truly style the product first earlier than feeding it to their animal.
    • 56% have truly tried their pet’s meals.
    • Another 53% have tried their pet’s treats.
  • 53% declare they tried their pet’s meals out of curiosity.
  • 29% admit they really thought their pet’s meals tasted good.

Of course, it’s exhausting to at all times management what a pet places in its mouth.

  • The common pet proprietor says they catch their pet placing one thing of their mouth that they shouldn’t about 4 instances a day.
  • 39% say they’ve caught their pet rummaging by way of the trash.
  • 61% are so fearful about their pet consuming one thing they shouldn’t admit to shedding sleep over it.

I can safely say I’m a part of the 60% who haven’t tried their canine’s meals.

Speaking of meals, the American Kennel Club put out an inventory of harmful meals for canines. You can verify that out right here.


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