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Dear Cathy: We just lately observed our rescue cat Chanel has been urinating on our couches. I attempted placing ammonia on the spots after washing them and rubbing her nostril on the websites. Nothing helps. She retains doing it. We adopted Chanel and CoCo from the identical cage at the identical shelter. We are afraid CoCo will comply with Chanel and do the identical factor. How will we cease Chanel from doing this? — Angie, Henderson, Nevada

Dear Angie: Many issues can set off improper elimination with cats, from litter field placement, variety of litter and cleanliness to nervousness, stress or just seeing one other cat exterior. Until you recognize, you should have to strive a number of issues to see what works.

To start, take Chanel to your veterinarian for an examination. When animals all of the sudden start urinating on furnishings and different odd locations, it will probably signify a well being downside or sickness. Once handled, these improper eliminations ought to cease. Rule that out rapidly so you recognize what to strive subsequent.

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Next, don’t use ammonia to wash her accidents. Ammonia is a pure by-product of urine, designed to draw cats again to the precise location or inform one other cat to remain away. When you clear with ammonia, you might be inviting Chanel (and doubtlessly CoCo) to pee on the sofa. (I wager you’re freaking out somewhat that you simply did this. Don’t, it’s a typical mistake.)

To preserve each cats from urinating on the sofa, use an enzymatic cleaner, which eats up the biologicals left within the furnishings (urine, fecal matter, and feces), eradicating all traces of the waste and odor.

Afterward, you may additionally attempt to spray the realm with Bitter Apple (out there on the pet retailer) to discourage them or put up a roadblock straight over the spot, like a field to encourage them to make use of the spot for napping as an alternative. (Don’t rub your cat’s nostril within the urine. I’m unsure why pet homeowners so extensively do that, however it doesn’t work and shouldn’t be a legit coaching method. In reality, it might have the alternative impact.)

Keep the identical variety of packing containers as cats plus one — so three packing containers. Leave the lid off one among the litter packing containers in case Chanel prefers to face on the sting to alleviate herself. Place the litter packing containers in several areas since one resident cat can block one other resident cat from utilizing a selected field. (The cat couldn’t shield all three litter packing containers in the event that they are in several areas of the home.) Sift the litter twice every day and use a litter field attractant (out there at pet shops) in all three packing containers to assist lure Chanel again to the field.

If you believe you studied any of that is stress-related (Chanel noticed a cat exterior, you had firm, you simply moved, and so on.), use plug-in pheromones within the room with the sofa or put pheromone collars on each cats to assist take the sting off.

Dear Cathy: We feed three (spayed) feral cats in our yard and deck. They gained’t allow us to contact them however are depending on us for meals and water. Recently, two blue jays attacked the cats. They terrorize them and gained’t allow them to eat to the purpose the place the cats are afraid to come back into our yard. I actually have tried spraying the birds with water to maintain them away, however nothing works. There isn’t any place else I can feed the cats. Please assist. I would like some concepts on the way to deal with this downside. — Dolores, Bethpage, New York

Dear Dolores: When you say two, I hear “pair,” which tells me the birds are most likely a mating pair attempting to shield their younger, that are most likely close by. If that is the case, the habits will cease when their fledglings go away the nest.

In the meantime, you could have two choices.

First, get a canine kennel, doghouse, or different coated construction on your yard and place the cat’s meals inside. This offers the cats a spot to eat with out being dive-bombed by the birds.

Second, feed the cats at nightfall when chook exercise is minimal. Cats are nocturnal, and these birds are usually not, so shifting the cat’s feeding time to early night is an easy and simple strategy to preserve the peace.

Dear Cathy: Love your column. I need to recommend that people with canines who’ve bother strolling on tile or wooden floors to ensure that their pet’s paws are trimmed of hair. My sister had a Husky who did higher on flooring when the hair rising between his paws was trimmed. — Ciel, Andover, Connecticut

Dear Ciel: That’s a superb reader tip. Thanks for sharing it.

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