Shana Bohac: Myths about cats | Native Information


There are all types of humorous, quirky myths about our furry pals. Cats for some purpose appear to catch essentially the most flack. I even have listed simply a number of myths which were debunked about cats.

Kittens don’t have to be skilled. Kittens, in reality are very receptive and might study lots. That is the right time to increase their social expertise and educate them methods reminiscent of fetching. Socialization is essential for all cats and might dramatically affect how your cat responds to latest guests, human, feline, or canine. Encouraging interactions between folks and pets will help reinforce constructive socialization.

Cats have to drink milk. Milk may cause diarrhea. Animals would not have satisfactory quantities of the enzyme wanted to interrupt down milk so an excessive amount of can wreak havoc on their gastrointestinal tract. Cats additionally don’t get something nutritionally from milk.

Cats will suck the life out of a child. This outdated fantasy is fake and there was no confirmed incidence of this occurring. It’s best nonetheless to observe infants and babies when round pets to be on the secure facet. Kids and cats can type nice bonds.

Cats solely purr once they are comfortable. Cats do purr whereas they’re comfortable, however additionally they purr once they are very unwell or frightened. A cat’s purr begins in its mind. It then sends a message to the muscular tissues in its voice field, which twitch and trigger the vocal cords to separate when the cat inhales and exhales it produces the purring sound.

A cat’s meow means nothing and cats will meow for no purpose. Cat’s, in reality, meow for particular causes. They might be hungry, thirsty, in ache, or having a medical downside that should be assessed. Regardless of what, your cat is attempting to speak with you for some purpose. Extreme meowing or adjustments within the sound of the meow could also be one thing that wants additional investigation. Your veterinarian can assess your cat for any underlying well being points.

Cats are positive to be left house alone on a regular basis as a result of they’re delinquent. Cats appear to have acquired the popularity of being solitary animals, when a lot of them are very social. They like to play, socialize, and study. Cats which can be left alone for lengthy intervals could expertise behavioral issues reminiscent of utilizing the restroom outdoors the litterbox or nervousness points reminiscent of extreme grooming.

Cats that scratch furnishings are only unhealthy behaved. Scratching is a traditional and pure conduct for cats. It has a number of functions together with sharpening their claws, stretching their muscular tissues, and marking their territory. Whether it is changing into a difficulty, then you’ll need to redirect the scratching to an object that you just cat is “allowed” to scratch and reward her or him for scratching in that location. There are a selection of scratching posts and toys accessible.

With out whiskers, cats lose their sense of stability. Cats whiskers are feelers and don’t have anything to do with stability. Cats have a sensory organ at the top of their whiskers known as a proprioceptor, which sends alerts to the mind and nervous system. This helps a cat discover its means, slot in tight areas, and present their temper.

Dr. Shana Bohac is a veterinarian and the proprietor of Navarro Small Animal Clinic.