Health Department looking for dog owner after person is bit


HOWARD COUNTY, Md. — The Howard County Health Department is asking for the general public’s help finding a dog owner after an individual was bit Sunday afternoon. 

Based on a press release from the health department, the victim was bitten by a dog near East Wind Way in Columbia. The victim claims an older white woman with white hair was walking two large dogs when the victim was bitten.

The 2 dogs gave the impression to be a Saint Bernard and a really tall, gray/black Doberman-like dog. Officials say the Doberman-like dog is the one who allegedly bit the victim. 

The health department says the owner left along with her dogs after the incident and gave no contact information. Now, the department is looking for the owner to get information concerning the dog in order that the victim may receive the correct care as quickly as possible. 

Anyone with information should contact the Howard County Health Department at (401) 313-1773. 

Now, her parents are asking the owners to return forward and supply medical details about their dog so Charlie can avoid further treatments.