A cat’s paradise is in Syria


Within the village of Kafr Naha in northern Syria, Mohammed Aljaleel has opened a sanctuary for a whole bunch of cats. Equipped with an orphanage, a playground and a veterinary clinic, Ernesto’s Sanctuary for Cats offers a mild moment for abandoned animals.

It was Twitter that brought this cat paradise to light. Photos of a whole bunch of healthy cats having fun with the sunshine within the sanctuary’s courtyard have gone viral, receiving 1000’s of likes and positive comments.

A comfortable refuge for unlucky cats

Mohammed Aljaleel, nicknamed ‘the cat man’ for his passion for the feline species, has been dedicated to the reason for abandoned animals for years. Today, Ernesto’s Sanctuary of Cats is home to greater than 1,500 furry creatures. Cats taken in from the road are given veterinary care to get them back into shape, before joining their peers in the large cat square. The felines are fed 3 times a day and bask within the sun the remainder of the day. A team of volunteers also provides them with the mandatory affection and takes care of their health.


Miss Nour, the girl who whispered to cats . @theAleppoCatmen #SyrianCats #SyrianWomen #CatLady #ErnestoSanctuary pic.twitter.com/QIIVg7TfA1

— Ernesto’s Sanctuary for Syrian Cats (@theAleppoCatmen) May 4, 2022

Connecting children and cats

In keeping with Mohammed, children and animals are the largest losers in Syria‘s years of conflict. So the cat man desired to develop empathy amongst young people by organising animal welfare classes: a 100% win-win situation, as the youngsters find out about animals and the cats get loads of petting.

The sanctuary hopes to welcome latest residents. It commonly shares the happiness of its felines on social networks with the intention to raise awareness of the animal cause and promote its good deed, which is partly the results of collaborators and donors from around the globe!